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Handbook of Customer Satisfaction Measurement
by Nigel Hill, Hardcover, 310 pages, 1996, $86.95



This 310-page hardcover text is the perfect place to begin a journey into understanding and implementing customer satisfaction measurement.  This easy to read book was written for real customer service professionals, not statisticians.  Using worked examples and real-life case studies, Nigel Hill's comprehensive guide takes you step by step through the entire process, from formulating objectives at the outset to implementing any necessary action at the end.

Among the topics covered are questionnaire design, sampling, interviewing skills, data analysis, and reporting, while a set of valuable appendices points the way to sources of further information and support.  Valuable charts include the pros and cons of internal development vs external services, and even a project plan. This book will equip the reader both to carry out a survey themselves and to brief and monitor an external agency for optimal results.

Whether you are directly responsible for measuring customer satisfaction or simply need to understand the issues and methods involved, this Handbook represents an unrivaled source of knowledge and advice.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Why measure customer satisfaction?
  • Chapter 3 - Survey objectives
  • Chapter 4 - Understanding customer behavior
  • Chapter 5 - Exploratory research
  • Chapter 6 - Sampling
  • Chapter 7 - Survey options
  • Chapter 8 - Questionnaire design
  • Chapter 9 - Interviewing skills
  • Chapter 10 - Analysis and reporting
  • Chapter 11 - PR aspects
  • Chapter 12 - Maximizing the benefits
  • Appendix 1: Examples of customer surveys
  • Appendix 2: SERVQUAL
  • Appendix 3: Glossary of terms
  • Appendix 4: Additional Information
  • Appendix 5: Further reading
  • Index

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