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Delivering Legendary Customer Service Skills on the Telephone: Proven Techniques to Build Your Confidence, Productivity, and Customer Service Quality on the Telephone
by Richard Gallagher, softcover, 203 pages, 2000, $19.95



This is not your typical "how to be nice on the phone" book. This complete book and self-study program by Richard Gallagher, himself a former call center manager and veteran of 25,000 telephone transactions, teaches you proven techniques to improve your confidence, productivity, and customer service quality on the phone.

You'll learn:

  • Techniques for sounding like a winner

  • The H.E.L.P.-U.S. method to communicate professionally

  • When language or communication is a problem

  • Greeting and closing approaches

  • Rapid problem diagnosis on the phone

  • Handling the problem caller

  • Screening, escalating, and transferring calls

  • Working with your team

  • Tips to reduce stress on the telephone

  • Getting the most out of your phone system

Delivering Legendary Customer Service on the Telephone teaches you the skills behind excellent customer service, then helps you bring these skills to life using interactive questions, telephone skills exercises, and self-assessment testing. It is a clear, readable book that will help your whole team have fun learning to provide world-class service on the telephone.

Richard Gallagher is also the author of Effective Software Customer Support and Smile Training Isn't Enough: The Three Secrets of Excellent Customer Service

Table of Contents

  1. Excellent customer service on the telephone
  2. Sounding like a winner
  3. Getting the message across
  4. Productivity tips for phone transactions
  5. Handling the problem caller
  6. Going beyond the basics
  7. Working with your team
  8. De-stress yourself
  9. Getting the most out of your phone system
  10. When you're the supervisor
  11. Pulling it all together

Appendix A.  Telephone skills exercises

Appendix B.  Self-assessment test

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