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Online Customer Care; Applying Today's Technology to Achieve World-Class Customer Interaction by Michael Cusack, hardcover, 266 pages, 1998, Sorry - Out of Stock - Backorders Only



Organizations looking for cost effective ways to service their customers using integrated online solutions will really appreciate this one-stop, complete resource.  Included are multiple case-in-point examples that drive home important points and a wealth of call center flowcharts that will save you time during the project planning and web site enhancement phases.

Not just a book on how to build a great online customer care program, this detailed reference covers the ever-important business aspects of customer care - web-based or otherwise - such as customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and market intelligence.  Also covered are those processes critical to the successful implementation of online customer care.  A chapter on fundamentals addresses business process development, systems development, and content delivery and maintenance.  Another chapter explores various types of online facilities including the Web, IVR and Email, all designed to help you deliver world-class customer care.  And there's a detailed cost/benefit analysis for acquiring a knowledge base tucked inside.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Historical perspective
  • Telecommunications support
  • Contemporary customer care
  • Trends
  • Industry perspective

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals

  • The quest for personalized care
  • Process considerations
  • Approaches to business process improvement
  • Technology considerations
  • Content considerations
  • Modeling the optimal customer care environment

Chapter 3 - Media

  • Electronic mail
  • The World Wide Web
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Other media

Chapter 4 - Business Drivers

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Market intelligence

Chapter 5 - A Case Study

  • Setting the stage
  • Early warnings
  • Proposed solutions

Chapter 6 - Process Considerations

  • Defining customer care processes
  • Identifying process flaws
  • Quality improvement process
  • Gathering contact data
  • Escalations
  • Follow-up work

Chapter 7 - Systems Design & Development

  • Process meets technology
  • The importance of systems integration
  • Measures and technology
  • The one-step development syndrome
  • User-driven design
  • Integration relative to content

Chapter 8 - Information Retrieval Systems

  • Intelligent troubleshooting systems vs. online documentation
  • How intelligent troubleshooting systems work
  • User interaction with information retrieval systems
  • Database design
  • Empowerment
  • Cost/benefit analysis for information retrieval system

Chapter 9 - Content Provisioning

  • The drivers of the content process
  • Documentation engineering
  • The role of the documentation engineer
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Information retrieval
  • Other forms of online content

Chapter 10 - Electronic Mail

  • Electronic mail maintenance
  • Contingencies
  • Creation and delivery
  • Integration, interpretation, and routing
  • Response
  • Organizational structure

Chapter 11 - The World Wide Web

  • User interface design
  • IVR vs. WWW
  • Content provisioning for the web
  • Using World Wide Web features
  • Integrating web sites and call centers
  • The protagonists' vision of the World Wide Web

Chapter 12 - High Technology at the Call Center

  • Interactive Voice Response Scripting
  • Computer-telephony integration
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Facsimile
  • Trends

Chapter 13 - Market Intelligence

  • Contact categorization
  • User interface considerations
  • Functional design
  • Maintenance/change management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Customer satisfaction tracking

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