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Executive Report on Customer Retention Newsletter, Not Available


The Executive Report on Customer Retention brings you information on how to develop, strengthen, and integrate strategies for customer satisfaction into every department of the company.  Twice each month you receive the latest information on such critical issues as:

  • Monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction
  • Changing to a customer-focused corporate culture
  • Benchmarking
  • Using complaints and customer feedback to improve satisfaction
  • Calculating the return on investment of service improvements
  • Finding out what the competition is doing
  • Putting vision and mission statements into action
  • And more.  

A source of information no customer satisfaction strategist should be without.

The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals
PO Box 401, Western Springs, IL  60558
Tel: (708) 246-0320   Fax: (708) 246-0251  

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