Call Center Executive Management Boot Camp
5-day consultant-led on-site workshop


Executive Boot Camp is a one-week intensive management program on the science and practice of contact center management. Relish five uninterrupted days of strategic and tactical learning, collaboration, discussion and action planning with your entire management team.  This consultant-led workshop will culminate in a contact center process improvement and performance improvement plan that can be put into action immediately.

What's Covered

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Assessing the maturity, capability and viability of your current contact center
  • Managing with a high-impact, strategy-driven focus
  • Standard technologies and understanding alternative call distribution models
  • Scalability, service capacity, and customer ease of access
  • Implementing efficient hiring and workforce utilization practices
  • Critical continuous quality improvement processes and standard operating procedures
  • Phases, durations, and mediums for best practice call center training
  • Attrition-busting management methods supported by occupational psychology science
  • Managing high performance with the right metrics and scorecards
  • Drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Interdepartmental collaboration and contributions to the contact center
  • Mrthods for reducing the cost of compensation and operations

Within five information-packed days, your leadership team will learn industry best practices for contact center operations and a common lexicon to clarify communications and enable interdepartmental synergy. 4 days of intensive contact center management training is followed by 1 day of hands-on action planning, business plan preparation, presentations and Q&A, with one-on-one professional guidance of an RCCSP consultant and no distractions.

Agenda Highlights

  • Assessing the Current Viability and Scalability of the Contact Center
  • Contact Center Strategy
  • Performance Management
    • Capacity, Utilization, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Productivity Metrics
    • Performance Scorecards That Drive Positive Change
  • Contact Center Capacity Management
    • Technologies
    • Speedy Access to Services
    • Decreasing Wait Time with Contact Center Engineering Techniques
    • Business Models that Maximize Utilization
  • Contact Center Human Resource Utilization Management
    • Forecasting Service Demand, Scheduling Resources, and Calculating Hiring Needs
    • Lowering Costs of Hiring and Recouping Costs of Attrition
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Management
    • Training and Skill Development Phases
    • Shadowing, Nesting and Mentoring Functions
    • Efficient and Cost-Effective Coaching Sessions
    • High-Impact Quality Monitoring and Affecting Change
  • Contact Center Performance Improvement Management
    • Prioritizing Process Improvement and Performance Improvement Projects
    • Focusing on Strategy and Cause and Effect Metrics
    • Cost and Change Management Considerations
  • Building the Contact Center’s 6-Month Action Plan
    • Setting Project Goals and Defining Objectives
    • Identifying Meaningful Project Metrics and Taking Baseline Measurements
    • Estimating Resource Commitments, Costs, and Timing of the Effort
    • Project Deliverables
  • Group Think
    • Management Team Comment, Critique and Input
    • Finalizing the 6-Month Improvement Plan

Deliverables and Tools

  • Current call center assessment
  • SWOT analysis template for assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your call center's viability
  • Templates for creating service level and operating level agreements
  • Template for creating a standard operating procedures manual
  • Revelation by RCCSP™ - a leading workforce planning, scheduling, and performance analysis software tool.
  • Quality monitoring form templates
  • Sample metrics reports and tools
  • Skill needs analysis template
  • Phone screening interview template
  • Sample hiring letter
  • Sample rejection letter
  • Sample employee satisfaction survey tools
  • Coaching discussion planner template to plan and script coaching discussions based on readiness levels
  • 5 days of instructor led training, with activities, discussion, and practical application of new skills
  • Student course manual and call center management reference
  • USB drive containing tools, templates, and software used in class
  • Post-course instructor coaching and email support

Who Should Attend the Executive Management Boot Camp

Many critical best practices in contact center operations can seem counterintuitive to business experience. For example, strategic metrics such as service level, abandonment rate, and calls per agent, while useful measures of overall contact center success, will not reflect, drive, manage, or improve the efficiency of customer-facing contact center activity. Organizations that benefit most from Executive Boot Camp are those where the program is attended by the entire management team, including goal-setting executives, so that contact center concepts, mathematics and dynamics can be learned, processed and understood by all.

Recommended participants include:

  • C-suite executive, operational, and financial leadership
  • HR, IT, Training, Quality, Sales, Marketing, and Program leaders
  • Contact center operations directors and managers
  • Other executives, directors and managers with responsibility for:
    • Improving contact center performance
    • Overseeing contact center performance
    • Overseeing customer satisfaction strategy


Attendees should possess a basic understanding of what a call center is, how calls flow into a center, and basic call center terminology. Course materials are in English, and attendees must possess a high level of English fluency.

Certification and Testing

The Certified Call Center Manager (CCCM) certification is officially recognized by the RCCSP Professional Education Alliance and its members.  This is an internationally-recognized certification.

The certification process consists of three parts:

  • Class attendance
  • Achieving a passing score on the online certification exam
  • Completion of a certification project

Demonstration of Learned Skills: Participants will complete a five-day instructor-led training course, where they will participate in hands-on learning and group exercises and demonstrate competencies under the observation of a Certified RCCSP instructor.  Upon successful completion of the course, an online login and password will be sent by email with instructions for accessing the knowledge-assessment certification exam.

Certification Exam: After the course, participants will have four weeks in which to take the online knowledge assessment exam. The certification exam is comprised of 75 questions and candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam. Candidates must achieve at least an 80% score in order to obtain certification.

Certification Project: To be completed within 6 months of completing the course.

Participants will be given a list of project topics and will submit their topic for approval within two weeks of completing the certification exam.

Topics will include items covered in the certification class such as creating and implementing:

  • A call center Service Level Agreement
  • A marketing plan
  • A metrics report using a balanced scorecard approach
  • A coaching discussion planner
  • A staffing or hiring business case
  • A quality monitoring form or calibration process
  • A call center team skills gap analysis
  • A customer satisfaction survey
  • Quality monitoring standard operating procedure manual
  • Agent standard operating procedures manual
  • And many other options

To increase the likelihood of every participant successfully completing the certification project, feedback will be provided by the Certification Project Review Committee for the first four weeks after project submission. The Certified Call Center Manager CCCM certification will be awarded upon approval and acceptance of the candidate's completed project.

Your Boot Camp Course Facilitator and Consultant

Your facilitator and instructor for this session will be a industry professional with over thirty years of experience in contact center and IT support management training and executive leadership that will share insightful business-oriented approaches to managing and improving performance in contact centers. Boot Camp facilitators’ breadth of experiences encompass inbound, outbound, and collections service operations; in business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments; from for-profit, I&R, and government support centers, to IT support and global outsourcing service centers.

With a passion for the Call Center Sciences, RCCSP Executive Boot Camp leaders share, discuss, and help participants deploy scientific research results impacting call center management and caller satisfaction. Research in call center business modeling culminated in the RCCSP Call Center Business Process Framework is presented in a way that synchronizes performance measurement terminology across accounting, industrial engineering, business management, and call center operation disciplines, vastly improving knowledge and information sharing between call centers and other corporate functions.  

Having led successful open-enrollment and private training and certification courses for years, RCCSP’s elite group of Executive Boot Camp facilitators are popular speakers at US and International call center and outsourcing conferences They are certified to instruct management at multiple levels of contact center responsibility, from strategic executives and directors to operational managers and front-line supervisors.

RCCSP Executive Boot Camp facilitators are skilled industry consultants, each with a decade or more of experience as a corporate executive.

Contact Center Executive Management Boot Camp Pricing

Pricing for an on-site CCEMBC program at your location is determined based on a "Base Fee" for up to six attendees, and a per person fee for each attendee thereafter. On-site fees are all inclusive:

  • Base Fee for up to 6 participants - $18,995 includes:
    • 5-day instructor-led training course
    • All workshop materials
    • USB-based toolkit
    • DiSC communications profiling tool
    • Instructor's travel and lodging expenses (for onsite presentations of 16 or less participants, in the continental US)
    • Certification exam fees for those leaders who will be pursuing a Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM) designation
    • Certificates of completion (CEU credits are available)
    • E-mail and phone support to provide post-workshop project guidance
  • Additional participants - $1895 each

Additional travel surcharges will be charged for travel outside of the continental USA and for seminars scheduled within three weeks, or paid for within three weeks, of the delivery date.

The customer site must provide suitable meeting space, any desired meals or refreshments, and the following presentation supplies:

  • Flip chart easel with self-stick-backed flip chart paper pads and markers
  • LCD projection unit and projection screen
  • Comfortable boardroom or U-shaped configuration with ample individual work space
  • Participants will require laptops on Thursday and Friday.

Arranging the On-Site Boot Camp

An Executive Boot Camp can be confirmed by calling or emailing the RCCSP at (708) 246-0320, or filling in the form below and registering through the shopping cart.

Call Center Executive Management Boot Camp On-site Training, up to 6 participants, $24,995
Additional Attendees, $1895 per person

For more training course options, see the entire Contact Center Training Calendar of dates and locations.

For more IT, technical and field support training course options, see the Help Desk, ITIL, and Support Center Calendar.

Terms & Conditions

Seminar agenda and assigned instructors are subject to change.

Payment is due prior to the seminar.

Public seminar cancellation policy.  Registrants may cancel up to fourteen days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $400.  Or, you may transfer your registration to another date or member of your company at no additional charge.  Please notify us as soon as possible. Registrants cancelling within fourteen days of the seminar will receive credit, less administrative fees of $400, toward any other Resource Center seminar.

On-site training scheduling and cancellation policy.  On-site training fees must be paid to reserve a training date.  Additional travel surcharges will be charged for travel to training locations outside of the continental USA and for training courses scheduled within three weeks, or paid for within three weeks, of the on-site delivery date.Organizations may cancel up to 21 days in advance of the seminar delivery date for a full refund, less administrative fees of 25% of the base fee.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the training, please notify the instructor by the end of the first day. If you decide to cancel the remainder of the training program, the instructor will collect all training materials.  Fees paid, less a prorata one-day on-site training base fee plus any travel surcharges, will be refunded.

Cancellation by provider. In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled by seminar provider due to unavoidable circumstances, you will be notified at least two weeks prior to the seminar date, and your payment will be refunded.

Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses and penalties on advanced or non-refundable airfares.

In all circumstances, seminar provider's liability shall be limited to fees received.

Become a certified callcenter manager

What some past attendees say...

"This is a wonderful resource for providing best in class education and development for our leaders. There is now a stronger footing for engaging our executive leadership and other management teams at large. The amount of actionable information from this course that can be utilized immediately is tremendous."
-- Director of Strategic Access Operations, University Hospital

"The opportunity for individual attention was key to this learning experience, as well as the instructor's ability to understand our current environment and adapt conversations accordingly."
-- Vice President Operations, Centris Group

"Well presented, very professional, and informative. RCCSP programs are fact based and science driven. After this course, I expect a complete overhaul of our center in the right direction."
-- Vice President Operations, Engage People

"Excellent. This education could be, for now, the main ROI driver for my business."
-- President and General Manager, Mundi Networks, Honduras

"I expect to see improved efficiency and lower costs as a result of this training, better attention to the customer experience and increased quality. RCCSP is helpful, supportive and professional. "
-- 2-1-1 Director, United Way of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT

-- Vice President, Affordable Housing Management Association of East Texas

"The instructor and class materials were excellent -- a great deal of material to review and learn. I am very impressed with the depth of information and the way in which it was presented."
-- Assistant Vice President Service and Support, Armed Forces Benefits Administration, Alexandria, VA

"This workshop was exceptional. The consultants were knowledgeable and had extensive real world experience."
-- Director, Florida Abuse Hotline

"A very complete and worthwhile investment to improve corporate effectiveness."
-- Asirio Santana, President, Contacto Directo, Dominican Republic

"10/10. Excellent education and techniques, professional, and focused on helping with our improvement."
-- CEO, Global Contact Center, Katy, TX

"Excellent. Fantastic materials and a very effective boot camp. Because of the class size and structure, this was very personalized education."
-- Vice President Customer Support, Accelerated Payment Technologies, Pleasant Grove, UT

"Outstanding. I really got a lot from this course. Metrics, quality, and performance measures need to be in place and this course assisted with that. RCCSP is organized, knowledgeable and tailors to our needs."
-- Program Manager, US Treasury

"This course helps attendees understand the metrics, technology, and unique complexity of a call center environment. After this course, I have the ability to fully diagnose areas for improvement."
-- Vice President, Member Contact Center, Technology Credit Union

"The positive changes to our call center as a result of this training are too many to count. This well-rounded course is a great tool and has brought a great amount of knowledge to the bank already."
-- Senior Vice President, Bank of the Sierra

"The RCCSP is 'Professional'. They have a deep knowledge base. I am confident in the material presented and the ability of the instructor. The smaller number of participants allows for thorough coverage of the material."
-- Operations Director, United Way 2-1-1 , Atlanta, GA

"The relevant, open, flexible discussion format provided significant education and insight into many facets of the customer service arena. This was really valuable for my personal growth. A worthy investment for our agency"
-- Quality Control Program Manager, U.S. Department of Defense, Finance and Accounting Services

"This training really blew all other trainings out of the water, far surpassed them. I expect to make positive changes based on each section of the course manual. There is so much we can implement."
-- Senior Program Manager, Volunteers of America Western Washington, Everett, WA

"It was an excellent experience, and on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10. RCCSP is the best career resource I have dealt with so far for call center training. This will be a big return on our investment."
-- Consumer Affairs Officer, Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, The Gambia

"Excellent course. We will realize a return on this investment in better organization and customer quality. RCCSP is well-organized."
-- Director Client Services, Fidelity Investment Services, Little Elm, TX

"A knowledgeable and professional organization with excellent ideas. I expect a revision of our training program as a result of the good ideas on process change."
-- Senior Director, Data Collection and Quality, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

"I chose RCCSP's training because of their credibility and overall knowledge of call center operations. The consultants have vast knowledge and experience. I've participated in a workshop before, but this boot camp was much more engaging with more hands-on experiences, sharing and networking. It's priceless."
-- Call Center Operations Administration, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

"I expect positive changes in the performance and efficiency of the call center as a result of this training. I would attend another RCCSP training in order to further my knowledge on HR practices applicable to the call center."
-- HR and Quality Manager, Multi Contact Ltd

"Very good. Informational, easy to follow, and educational. Great instructors. RCCSP is very good at what they do."
-- Partner Manager, ACT, Inc., Iowa City, IA

"We are going to implement many changes based on this training. Exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. The training exceeded my expectations. I absolutely want to continue this learning process with RCCSP."
-- Director of Operations, Volunteers of America

"Excellent, with vital information and qualified instructors that are experts in the topic. I'll absolutely be sending our staff to RCCSP supervisory classes also."
-- Revenue Manager, Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Lemoore, CA

"Very professional and competent as regards the instructor's ability and the quality of the course. I would train with RCCSP again, definitely, because of the proven ability of the instructor's knowledge and way of teaching, and the quality of the course."
-- Quality Assurance Manager, Multi Contact Ltd., Mauritius

"Very valuable. We will be putting structures in place for training and quality monitoring as a result of this course. The instructor is very experienced and takes time to explain and provide guidance to her audience. Practical and mentally taxing, this course gives you the opportunity to share in other attendees' experiences."
-- Quality Assurance Manager, Heritage Banking Company Ltd., Nigeria

"A knowledgeable and professional organization with excellent ideas. I expect a revision of our training program as a result of the good ideas on process change."
-- Senior Director, Data Collection and Quality, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

"The RCCSP trainer was very knowledgeable and able to apply that knowledge to our scenario quickly. In other call center courses I've attended, information was presented in a way that was difficult to apply to day to day operations. Not here. This entire course was extremely helpful, practical, easily understood, and applicable to our daily operations."
-- Director of Call Center Optimization, The Linde Group

"Very impressed with the program. Awesome. Great material. Easy to follow. I have learned so much in four days! The instructor was amazing, funny and knowledgeable and provided a great cohesive learning environment. Most beneficial course I've taken to date.
-- Senior Manager Workforce Planning, Goodwill Industries

"This course was very well organized and paced. I enjoyed the content and presentation style of the instructor. Each day effectively builds on the preceding days' information and was logical. I now have the ability to utilize reports and data to more efficiently manage the call center and conduct more effective coaching sessions. I am impressed with the RCCSP Alliance and its members as a certification body. They take the trainings and  certification process very seriously.
-- Human Services Senior Manager, United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

"This is totally awesome for up and coming centers. The course gives great insight and knowledge on how to successfully operate a contact center. The instructors are very thorough and knowledgeable. I anticipate positive changes in workforce management, coaching, shrinkage, and metric reporting as result of this course."
-- Emergency Status System (ESS) Director, State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

"I will be able to lead more effectively with the knowledge I gained from this course. I have a better understanding of call center operations, metrics and more. I can make better decisions about which department projects will have the greatest positive impact. RCCSP is professional and knowledgeable."
-- Director, Member Help Center, Wright-Patt Credit Union

"These are incredibly helpful Industry leaders and experts teaching you the science of call center management. We will now be capturing metrics, staffing effectively, performing high-impact quality monitoring, coaching, and implementing best practice hiring. This course takes out the need to improvise, which is exactly what we had been doing."
-- Head of Business Needs, United Way of Northeast Florida

"RCCSP training is unbelievable! I look forward to helping our staff understand occupancy and adherence and teaching the supervisors coaching techniques and how to use RCCSP's coaching planner."
-- Director, Customer Support, JHA

"This training was very high quality given by a very knowledgeable instructor. Concise materials and interactive exercises were helpful. I've learned creative ways to interview and screen employees, have a better awareness of shrinkage, and know how to create metric scorecards. I think this course will greatly benefit our agency and I feel attending another advanced RCCSP training course would absolutely help further improve our center. I've only attended "symposiums" in the past that can't compare to this rich comprehensive learning experience."
-- Customer Care Director, Defense Finance and Accounting Services

"Better coaching and standard operating procedures will result from my attendance in this course. RCCSP demonstrates excellent call center industry knowledge and professionalism when delivering call center management training."
-- Director of Sales, Orkin LLC

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