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The Help Desk Handbook
The Help Desk Institute Guide to Help Desk Operations & Problem Management

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by Ron Muns, softcover, 173 pages, 1993
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The Help Desk Handbook is the best-selling resource HDI has ever published!  Why?  It's an unsurpassed guide for setting up a new support center operation as well as an unbeatable daily reference manual you can turn to again and again.  It presents proven answers to your toughest questions and practical advice so you can make the right decisions for your support center. You can get sample forms, procedures, policies, reports, and graphs. You'll learn about support center objectives, job descriptions, team building, burnout, measuring customer satisfaction, and recording, diagnosing, and escalating service requests.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Purposes and objectives of the help desk
Chapter 2 - Organizing the help desk
Chapter 3 - Physical help desk arrangements
Chapter 4 - Staffing the help desk
Chapter 5 - Call handling - moments of truth
Chapter 6 - Call handling tools
Chapter 7 - Call handling techniques
Chapter 8 - Problem assignment and resolution
Chapter 9 - Tracking and reporting trends
Chapter 10 - Expert systems
Chapter 11 - Change management and the help desk
Chapter 12 - Disaster recovery and the help desk
Chapter 13 - Service agreements and the help desk
Chapter 14 - Measuring the benefits of the help desk
Chapter 15 - A final word

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