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The Elements of E-mail Style:
Communicate Effectively Via Electronic Mail

by David Angell and Brent Heslop, softcover, 157 pages, 1994, $14.95
Sorry! This book is out of print.



Electronic mail is rapidly becoming the dominant form of written communication, and effective e-mail writing skills are essential for everyone in both professional and personal settings.  The fast-paced medium makes new demands on writing style and has its own customs and conventions. The challenge of e-mail is combining formal and informal written English, online jargon, and the right personal style to create clear and concise electronic communication.

The Elements of E-Mail Style is the first practical guide to written electronic communication.  It simplifies and summarizes essential writing techniques so you can upgrade your writing skills and see your e-mail make maximum impact in minimal time.  You'll quickly learn how to:

  • Master e-mail conventions, such as it's jargon and etiquette

  • Deal with issues of e-mail policy and privacy

  • Structure your e-mail messages for impact

  • Simplify your e-mail by choosing the right words and cutting word fat

  • Achieve the right tone and rhythm

  • Build better e-mail messages sentence by sentence

  • Improve your spelling and use abbreviations to save time

  • Add expression to your e-mail messages by using punctuation and smileys

  • Give visual variety to your e-mail through formatting and special characters

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