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Tele-Stress;  Relief for Call Center Stress Syndrome, 2nd Edition
by Stephen Coscia, softcover, 94 pages, 2001, $14.95



Customer behavior is changing. Customers appear less patient and more demanding.  If you're a call center professional, your job is stressful and you're up to your ears in work.  Do you have a plan for yourself, or are you at the mercy of life's ebb and flow?  If you need to do a reality check and refresh yourself with some new coping ideas, read on.

After conducting two separate industry surveys of call center professionals, author Stephen Coscia learned that handling stress was consistently among their top two greatest concerns. Telestress was written in response to the need for call center stress handling strategies.

Improved stress handling comes from a combination of knowledge about stress and it's causes in the call center environment, learning what techniques work for you, and applying those techniques proactively. This book will help.

Table of Contents
  • Stop and Think
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Gaining New Knowledge
  • Chapter 2 - Irate Customers
  • Chapter 3 - How We Learn
  • Chapter 4 - Think Before You Work; Ten Strategies for Staying Courteous Under Stress
  • Chapter 5 - The Stress Survey
  • Chapter 6 - Conclusion

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