Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt Capstone Course
RCCSP™ Service Engineering Series
4-day capstone course, $4,995

Upgrade your credentials with the Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt certification.


Today's call center strategic decision-makers and engineers use a Six Sigma design approach, metrics, and science to build and manage state-of-the-art call centers.  Six Sigma is a rigorous and proven business design methodology that uses science, data and statistical analysis to improve business performance. With the goal of increasing profits by eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework, Six Sigma provides a means to identify and prevent process variation , or defects, to improve the predictability and success of business processes.

The Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt Capstone Course is the final step to earning the Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt.  Attendees will be able to ensure that their facilities stay at peak performance, while maintaining low costs, minimized wait times, and high customer satisfaction.  This course shows you how to apply science, mathematics, and engineering to reach the highest levels of performance.

Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt represents the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency in Service Engineering.  Those awarded the certification must complete rigorous training on the Six Sigma methodology, and learn the skills and tools required to teach Six Sigma philosophies and implement Six Sigma within an organization.


Attendees of this course must first complete the following three courses:
Call Center Metrics, Data Analytics and Reporting

Designing Six Sigma Support Centers
Call Center Financial Management

Who Should Participate

This course is for professionals responsible for support center performance management, reporting, call center operations, or implementation of performance improvement strategies.  Participants that will benefit most from the course include CIOs, COOs, VPs of operations, directors, designers, and managers.


Design Topics

  • Designer Master’s Tools
    • Principles
    • Queuing Tools
  • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Factoring
    • Queuing Tools
  • Advanced Call Center
    • Advanced Decision Making to Optimally Run the Operation
    • Infrastructure Requirements
    • Ergonomics
      • Workstation
      • Work place
      • Layout

Analysis Topics

  • Masters Analysis Tools
    • Variability, Sum of Squares, Descriptive Analysis
    • Interval Analysis, Central Limit, and Sampling
    • Comparative Studies
    • Variability Studies
  • Analysis and Experiments
    • Developing an Effective Design for Test and Analysis
      • The four steps to a testing plan
      • Hypothesis testing
      • Sample size determination
      • What you can and cannot do with testing
  • Trend and Forecasting
    • Tools of Regression and Cycles
    • Traffic Analysis
    • Staffing

Advanced Call Center Management Topics

  • Division of Labor
    • Advanced Decision Making to Optimally Run the Operation
    • Policy, Strategy, Tactics and Tools
    • Division of Labor Violations
  • Infrastructure Requirements
    • Four Traits
    • Engineering Requirements
    • Management Requirements
  • Outsourcing Issues
    • Service levels
    • Base Camp
    • Contracts
  • Good Communications
    • To Upper Management
    • Peers
    • Tactical Workforce
  • Agent Rapid Deployment
    • Training
    • Career Migration
    • Career Paths

Registration Fees

The per student registration fee for this seminar is $4,995, and includes the seminar, course materials, and refreshments each day. Dress is business casual.  Laptops are optional. Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.

Register securely online with confidence or please call (708) 246-0320

Seminar Schedule
Dec 10-13, 2019 Greenville, SC Westin Pointsette

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Learn From the Industry's Leading Authorities

James Abbott

Recognized as the industry's foremost authority on contact center service engineering, James Abbott is a highly sought-after professional consultant and industrial engineer

What some past attendees say...

"The class was presented from a high level business process perspective rather than mired down in data details.  Much more than I expected and I believe this knowledge will be more helpful than I imagined."

"These two classes (Designing Six Sigma Support Centers, Call Center Metrics) have been the best, most applicable, I have attended since becoming a call center manager." -- Paula Mezo, Purdue University

"This class was awesome it expanded on the method and techniques covered in the call center metrics class"

"I learned a lot. This was exactly what I needed to do. Get out of the office and learn about a different way of thinking.  Everything was easy to understand."

"So much material covered exactly what we had discussed of recent within our business.  I feel confident I can take back the tools and apply them to our call center".

"Outstanding.  The instructor, James, was wonderful!  Very knowledgeable of the topic & a great speaker, educator, & trainer."

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