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Call Center Savvy: How to Position Your Call Center for the Business Challenges of the 21st Century

by Keith Dawson, 208 pages, $25.95



It's not just the technology, the people, or the customers.  It's all three, and more: call centers are not just places where calls arrive. They are a strategic business asset, the core of your business's customer relationship strategy.  

Call Center Savvy is an explanation of how the call center works and how it fits into the big picture.  What the future holds.  How new technologies will effect operations.  How international expansion is changing things.  What the role of the Internet will ultimately be.

Call Center Savvy can help a smart call center manager position his or her center for long-term success.  It's about seeing beyond today's problems to tomorrow's opportunities...  It's not enough to know about call center technology;  for your center to excel in the 21st century, you need call center savvy.

Table of Contents

Part One: Introducing Your Call Center

1. Looking Forward, Looking Back
2. The Six-Stage Model of Call Center Development
3. Moving Your Call Center Forward

Part Two: Technology

4. CTI & The Call Center: The 2% Solution
5. Component-Based Architecture
6. Sweet Suites: Inter-Application Automation
7. Forecasting, Simulating and Routing
8. Predictive Dialers Roll On
9. Inside the New ACD
10. A Dynamic Trio: 3 Technologies That Are Changing Call Centers
11. Speech Recognition: Ready for Prime Time
12. "Virtual" is Real
13. Counting Customers Instead of Calls

Part Three: The Internet Cometh

14. E-Commerce & the Internet: The Customers Are Ready
15. Is Internet Telephony Right for Call Centers?
16. Web-Call Centers
17. The Internet In the Call Center: A New Model

Part Four: Call Center Ops

18. Fax: The Forgotten Process
19. Standardizing Business Process
20. Call Center?  Or "Customer Touchpoint"?
21. Confronting Disaster in the Call Center
22. Losing a Lifetime Customer: How the Call Center Can Be the Single Point of Failure
23. Monitoring: What Price Quality?

Part Five: Call Centers and the Wider World

24. This is a Global Industry
25. Are Call Centers An Economic Indicator?
26. Telecom Merger Mania: Why It's Good For Call Centers
27. Sweatshops for the 21st Century?
28. Building an Industry From Scratch
29. Telemarketing: More Than a Phone Call

Part Six: Building the Call Center of the Future

30. The New Role of the Call Center
31. Customizing Every Interaction: What All This Technology Is Really Good For
32. The Call Center, 2002

Part Seven: Tools For Success

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