Contact Center Technology: Key Topics, Trends, and Truths
2-day training course - $1,795
On-site delivery available


This recently updated, vendor-neutral training course provides everything you always wanted to know about contact center technology. This seminar focuses on today's complex call center technologies in non-technical, operations-focused language. Understand the latest technologies on the market, how to get the most value out of them, and prepare for what's coming in the future.

Need to virtualize your center across multiple sites, home agents, and outsourcers? Planning for speech analytics? Migrating to VoIP and wondering if you should implement SIP? Trying to get on the "Web 2.0" bandwagon, or finally integrate email and text chat with your voice calls? Or perhaps you're revamping your desktop applications and need to know what's possible. Or maybe it's finally time to get your performance management act together, and you need to know where to start. This course is designed to help you plan for and execute these transitions.

This comprehensive course is based on hundreds of projects to create technology plans, develop requirements, select vendors and solutions, manage implementations, and assess existing environments for improvements and roadmaps. The class is delivered via lecture, interactive discussions, white board drawings, small group and full class exercises, and case studies.

The practical perspective of this course provides something a vendor presentation won't - an objective view that shares not only the great possibilities of technology, but the potential pitfalls and keys to getting it right.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of aligning contact center operations and technology with business strategy
  • The role of people, process, and technology in delivering business value
  • Changes that affects our industry both in technology and how we interact with customers
  • Why a strategy for technology is needed, and how to develop one
  • The major technology applications and their impact, opportunities, challenges, and value
  • Keys to success in effectively applying technology to business needs
  • Guidelines for planning, designing, implementing, and supporting technology
  • Sourcing options and their pros and cons

Course Topics

Topic 1 - Strategy as Context

Topic 2 - Foundational Elements

Topic 3 - Routing

Topic 4 - Performance Management Tools

Topic 5 - Self service

Topic 6 - Desktop, Business Applications and Data

Topic 7 - Applying Technology in Your Center

Deliverables and Tools

  • Best practices
  • Technology strategy outline
  • Vendor/technology evaluation process framework
  • Feature and function checklists for each major technology
  • Sample RFI/RFP outline and selection criteria
  • Technology project lifecycle steps and keys to success
  • Key considerations for statements of work
  • Resource and vendor lists
  • Glossary of call center technology terms and acronyms
  • Access to a large library of articles and white papers

Who Should Participate

Call center, customer service, telecom and IT professionals at all levels of management will benefit from this unbiased, objective seminar. The seminar is appropriate for call center and help desk managers, and executives responsible for customer service and sales, as well as technology managers from IT and telecom seeking the latest information on today’s contact center technologies and applications. For maximum impact, have a call center manager and IT professional attend together. Consultants and Vendor sales & support professionals will also benefit from this course.


Attendees should possess a basic understanding of what a call center is, how calls flow into a center, and basic call center terminology. Course materials are in English, and attendees must possess a high level of English fluency.

Accelerated Learning Option for Professionals New to the Contact Center Industry

Attendees with no exposure to a contact center environment may attend Understanding Contact Center Fundamentals, a 2-day course that precedes Contact Center Technology in most locations. Introduction to Contact Centers provides foundation information to prepare industry newcomers for higher level contact center training courses. To sign-up for the 5-day accelerated learning option, register for both Understanding Contact Center Fundamentals and Contact Center Technology back-to-back. You will also save $395!


Day 1

Chapter 1 - Strategy as Context

  • Strategic alignment model and examples
  • Technology's role in the center
  • Preparing for the future - Web 2.0 and the contact center
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Building a technology plan

Chapter 2 - Foundational Changes

  • Transport - the shift from TDM to VoIP
  • Applications - server-based applications
  • Architectures - standards, web, and distributed architectures
  • What these changes mean for business

Chapter 3 - Routing

  • Routing principles
  • Routing options
    • Basic to robust
    • Single and multisite
    • Voice
    • Other media
  • Multimedia routing
    • email
    • text chat
    • fax, mail
    • web calls
  • Home agents and outsourcer integration
  • Routing support for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Outbound calling
  • Workflow and process automation and optimization

Chapter 4 - Performance Management Tools

  • Core reporting tools
  • Performance optimization scorecards/dashboards
  • Data and speech analytics and business intelligence
  • Workforce management
  • Quality monitoring and logging/call recording
  • Voice of the Customer/Customer Satisfaction
  • eLearning
  • Technology performance monitoring and testing
  • Performance suites and integration synergies

Day 2

Chapter 5 - Self service

  • Options and capabilities
  • Self service strategy
    • Web
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Touch tone and Speech Recognition
  • Voice response architectures
    • Touch tone
    • Speech
    • VoiceXML
  • Integration for assisted service

Chapter 6 - Desktop, Business Applications and Data

  • Desktop client
  • CTI applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Knowledge Management and Wikis
  • Unified Communications/Presence/IM
  • Customer-enabled business processes (CEBP)
  • Web 2.0/Social Media
  • Consolidated desktop applications and analysis
  • Integration

Chapter 7 - Applying Technology in Your Center

  • Business cases
  • Finding the best fit vendors and solutions
  • Keys to successful planning and implementation
  • Getting your organization ready for technology change
  • Tools of the trade for technology projects

Registration Fees

The per student registration fee for this training and certification program is $1,795 and includes:

  • 2-day instructor-led training
  • All training materials
  • Course certificate of completion

Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.  Business casual attire is appropriate.

Register securely online with confidence or please call (708) 246-0320.

Seminar Schedule
June 7-8, '10 Boston, MA Sheraton Commander
Aug 23-24, '10 Chicago, IL Hyatt Lodge
Oct 25-26, '10 Las Vegas, NV The Platinum Hotel

Maximize Your Training Investment - Attend Courses Back-to-Back

Contact Center Technology immediately precedes these courses in select locations:

In-House Training Option

In-house, on-site training offers the added benefits of facilitated team interaction; a confidential environment where plans, processes, and policies can be openly discussed; minimized travel costs; and little or no travel time.  For support centers with a number of managers, supervisors, and team leads, on-site training can maximize your training investment.

Pricing for an on-site course delivered at your location is determined based on a "Base Fee" for up to four attendees, and a per person fee for each attendee thereafter.  On-site fees are all inclusive:

  • Base Fee for up to 4 participants - $9,995 includes:
    • 2-day instructor-led training course
    • All training materials
    • Instructor's travel and lodging expenses (for onsite presentations of 18 or less participants, in the continental US)
    • Certification exam fees and certificates of completion
    • E-mail and phone support to provide post-course certification project guidance
  • Additional participants - $995 each

Additional travel surcharges will be charged for travel outside of the continental USA and for seminars scheduled within three weeks, or paid for within three weeks, of the onsite delivery date.

The customer site must provide suitable meeting space, any desired meals or refreshments, and the following presentation supplies:

  • Easels with paper and markers
  • Projection unit and projection screen

Request In-House Training

Contact Center Technology On-site Training and Certification, up to 4 participants, $9995
Additional Attendees, $995 per person

For more training course options, see the entire Contact Center Training Calendar of dates and locations.

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Dates, Locations and Registration

What some past attendees say...

"Excellent session! It's rare to get such a comprehensive overview that goes into depth on so many areas, as well as in a very objective manner. I highly recommend this session."

"… excellent job speaking to the various levels of knowledge and experience in the audience. Not an easy task to make technology "entertaining" but she succeeded!"

"Great interaction with class"

"… one of a very few in the industry who can effectively communicate the practical and successful use of contact center technologies"

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