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"Fast Tracks" allow dedicated professionals to  gain knowledge and earn the recognition they deserve -- fast.   Fast Track programs combine two or more professional training courses, accredited certification preparation, and a certification exam. If you are limited to one training course per year, attend a Fast Track boot camp program and maximize your learning.

Fast Track programs are available for these fields of study:

  • Contact center management
  • Contact center operations engineering
  • Call center workforce management and optimization
  • Six sigma for the contact center environment

Fast Track:  Call Center Management Boot Camp

Management professionals from all walks can attend a Call Center Management 5-day Boot Camp.  In this accelerated curriculum, attendees and certification candidates learn how to manage day-to-day contact center operations using best practice process, and then actually work, in class, on a performance improvement project of their own choosing.  

This accelerated learning program is perfect for business professionals new to the contact center function that are charged with launching, running, or improving a call center.

Fast Track:  Call Center Engineering Boot Camp

Contact center operations professionals can rev-up their centers and earn their service engineering certification credentials at the same time.  Call Center Engineering Boot Camp is an accelerated program that covers the learning material from Call Center Metrics, Data Analytics, and Reporting, and Designing Six Sigma Contact Centers

Offered year-round, Call Center Engineering Boot Camp is a jaw-dropping experience for everyone who attends. This program is guaranteed to set you and you contact center on a revolutionary management path toward astonishing performance gains.

Fast Track:  Workforce Management Certification Boot Camp

Managers, supervisors, and workforce management professional can go from zero to sixty is this 3-day, highly focused course that combines material from Forecasting and Scheduling training with advance Workforce Management Optimization techniques and software tools. This is a hands-on course where participants can get real work done with live data using take-home software.

Fast Track:  Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt

This program is designed for management professionals who are pursuing break-through quality, performance optimization, and operational improvements for their contact centers.  Complete 80 hours of Service Quality and Engineering training courses to earn your Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt.

With a combination of back-to-back, online, and classroom training, this Fast Track delivers four training courses at a cost savings.  You can further accelerate the pace of your learning by attending two courses back-to-back in the same 5-day week.  The series combines Call Center Metrics, Data Analytics and Reporting, Designing Six Sigma Contact Centers, Principles of Call Center Financial Management, and a 3-day Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt Masters Capstone course

Choose the most convenient combination of dates and locations from to mix, match and create your own customized 80-hour Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt Fast Track training series. To see schedules and special pricing, click here.


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