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Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees - Back in Stock!
by Malcolm Carlaw, Peggy Carlaw, Vasudha K. Deming, Kurt Friedmann, softcover, 297 pages, 2003, $109.95



Customer Contact Center Employees are among the most highly visible members of your organization, and their performance can make or break the success of virtually any project or product.  Yet it is challenging to motivate them because they receive less training and lower pay than virtually anyone else in your organization.

If you are a trainer, supervisor, or manager, then Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees will give the field-proven information, tools, and techniques you need to connect with your frontline staff.  It explains how to manage the critical "human" element in contact centers, which is often more important for overall performance than having the latest contact center technology or operational system.  Written by contact center consultants for leading organizations, it will help you:

  • Establish critical lines of communication between management and contact center agents

  • Set clear expectations-and provide appropriate feedback

  • Share knowledge freely, even as you listen and learn

Contact center employees are in daily, direct communication with your key customers and are an integral component of your company's long-term success.  Learn how to draw out and utilize their motivation and talents, while maximizing their workplace productivity, with Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees.

Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees provides tips and techniques to boost morale, streamline business processes, and inspire outstanding performance, including:

  • Strategies to get - and keep - good contact center agents
  • Methods for transforming a group of individuals into a team
  • Proven techniques for building high morale
  • Tips for dealing with problem employees
  • Dozens of fun, self-directed training activities
  • and much more

Table of Contents

  1. Managing the Mood in Your Contact Center: How to lift Morale
  2. The Look and Feel: Creating a Motivating Physical Environment
  3. Team Building in the Contact Center: Basic Guidelines Plus Ten Activities to Get You Started
  4. Making It Fun to Succeed: Incentives, Rewards, and Contests
  5. Keeping the Peace: How, When, and Why to Manage Employees' Stress
  6. First, Get the Right People: Hiring Frontline Staff for Your Contact Center
  7. The Manager's Role in Employee Training
  8. The Measures of Success: Assessing Employee Performance
  9. Coaching to Improve Performance: The Fundamentals of Effective Feedback
  10. Dealing with Difficult Employees: Coaching Negative, Unmotivated, and "Problem" Agents
  11. The Successful Contact Center Manager's Bag of Tricks: Ten Key Practices
  12. Make It Your Mission: Developing and Manifesting Your Mission Statement

Appendix: Reproducible Job Aids for Contact Center Managers

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