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Sales Coaching for Supervisors: Techniques for Maximizing Sales
1½-hour instructor-led online training course, $300

While many call center supervisors are equipped to coach a basic customer service call, they’re missing some skills for coaching and fine-tuning sales behaviors on a call. This seminar will provide the needed skills and techniques to help supervisors guide and direct behaviors to maximize sales success.. For a detailed agenda,

How to Build a Compliant Call Center: Understanding and Applying the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule to Your Inbound or Outbound Call Center, 1½-day training seminar.

The Telemarketing Sales Rule defines telemarketing as any "plan, program, or campaign" that uses the telephone to solicit purchases of goods or services. The definition does not distinguish between inbound and outbound telemarketing. As soon as a telemarketing representative offers an upsell to an inbound caller, regulations apply. Attend this seminar to learn how about the regulations that apply to you center's activities. For a detailed agenda,


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The Real-Time Contact Center: Strategies, Tactics, and Technologies for Building a Profitable Service and Sales Operation by Donna Fluss , hardcover, 221 pages, 2005, $27.95

The Real-Time Contact Center lays out the strategy for the next generation of contact centers, presented from the perspective of a practitioner turned strategist.  It addresses strategy, best practices, technology, management, people, and process, as all must be in sync for a contact center to be world class, and represents years of study and analysis of all aspects of contact centers - from the most mundane to the most challenging, including how to convert cost centers to profit centers and what systems and training are required.

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Optimizing Outbound Calling: The Strategic Use of Predictive Dialers by Dr. Jon Anton and Alex Demczak , softcover,163 pages, 2002, $39.99

Predictive dialers, systems that automatically place outbound calls and deliver answered calls to agents, are the key to optimizing outbound call centers.  Whether you've just heard of predictive dialers, are considering the purchase of a predictive dialing system, or want to upgrade you existing system, this invaluable source of information will guide you each step of the way.

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Better Business by Phone: A Guide to Effective Telebusiness Management by Valerie O'Dea, softcover, 234 pages, 1999, $29.95

This book covers the breadth and depth of most subjects required to successfully introduce, manage, and perform telebusiness, including strategy, planning, database and relationship marketing, technologies, telebusiness account management, life cycles, information flow, project management, people management,, and telephone selling techniques for professionals.

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Maximizing Customer Contact: Turning Customer Service Reps Into Sales Achievers, by Judy McKee, hardcover, 150 pages, 1996 $39.95

This book details how to successfully sell and, perhaps more importantly, train customer service representatives to sell using soft-selling techniques. This book will teach the essentials behind sales techniques that work, and how to train your CSRs to be sales achievers.

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Scriptwriting for Effective Telemarketing: The Guide to Successful Business by Telephone, by Judy McKee, hardcover, 154 pages, 1993 $39.95

The aggressive, hard-sell approach to scripting is no longer effective. A well-crafted script that's factual, nonintrusive, and nonmanipulative helps establish the element of trust that's so vital in successful sales. Whether you're selling business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or selling in a customer service mode, Judy McKee provides guidelines for creating thoughtfully planned scripts that achieve measurably better results.

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