Maximizing Customer Contact: Turning Customer Service Reps Into Sales Achievers
by Judy McKee, hardcover, 150 pages, 1996 $36



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Business owners and managers must remember that customer service representatives taking incoming calls from existing or prospective customers are the human link -- the real, live voice -- that, to the customer, represents the entire company. Why not expand their role by having them offer additional products or services that could benefit the customer or prospect?

Inquiries are sales waiting to happen. Your sales reps need to be prepared -- but they don't need to be hard core marketers. This book sets out ideas, skills, and techniques that make for a kinder, gentler approach to the selling process -- one that will be successful in today's markets and will appeal to the customer service rep and their perceptions of customer service.

Table of Contents

Part I - The Basics

  1. Turning Customer Service Representatives Into Sales Achievers: A Paradigm Shift
    • Basic Behavioral/Personality Styles and Hiring Practices
    • The Demands on CSRs Are Growing: So Should Training Programs
    • Managing for the Millennium
  2. Understanding Motivation
    • Money Myths
    • Communication and Knowledge Are Essential to Selling
    • Marketing and Consultative Selling
    • Probing Questions
    • Identifying Emotional Needs
    • Make Recommendation and Suggestions

Part II - Consultative Selling

  1. The Key Elements of Consultative Selling
    • Intention
    • Persuasion
    • Rapport
    • Discipline
    • Achievement Drive
  2. Skills That Work in Concert With Consultative Selling
    • Effective Telesales Skills
    • Transitional Phrases and Short Sales Messages
    • A Salesperson is a Value Generator
    • Listening Skills
    • Speaking Skills

Part III - The Statement/Question Technique (SQT)

  1. Why Use the SQT
  2. How the SQT Works
    • Step One: Listen to the Customer
    • Step Two: Acknowledge What Was Said
    • Step Three: Make a Statement
    • Step Four: Ask A Question
  3. Questions
    • Types of Questions
    • Avoid Intrusive Questions
    • Questions That Work Well to Support CSR's
    • Preface Questions With Transitional Phrases
    • Make Your Presentation
  4. Teach CSRs the SQT
    • Effective Call Openers and the First Impression
    • Qualifying
    • Buying Signs
    • Handling Objections
    • Closing Skills
    • Fallback

Part IV - Training

  1. Elements of a Successful Customer Service Soft-Sales Training Program
  2. Maximizing Customer Contact Training Program
    • Step 1: I Talk, You Listen, No Questions
    • Step 2: Trainee Talks and Trainer Listens
    • Step 3: The Tournament Event With A Coach
    • Step 4: The Master Bows Out: Trainees Work On Actual Calls
    • Fallback
  3. Choosing the Right Trainer and Training Environment
    • Qualities of a Good Trainer
    • Tools for Trainers
  4. Side-by-Side Coaching and Effective Monitoring Techniques
    • Apply the SQT
    • Write Down Everything
    • Ask Review Questions
    • Coaching For Big-Game Results

Some Final Advice

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