Scriptwriting for Effective Telemarketing: The Guide to Successful Business by Telephone, by Judy McKee, hardcover, 154 pages, 1993 $39.95



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The aggressive, hard-sell approach to scripting is no longer effective. A well-crafted script that's factual, nonintrusive, and nonmanipulative helps establish the element of trust that's so vital in successful sales. Whether you're selling business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or selling in a customer service mode, Judy McKee provides guidelines for creating thoughtfully planned scripts that achieve measurably better results.

The author is a professional communicator who has delivered seminars on sales training and strategy to many of America's leading corporations. Her universal recognition as the leading authority on scriptwriting makes this volume the industry's definitive book on the topic.

Scriptwriting For Effective Telemarketing includes practical "how-to" advice on:

  • Using the Statement/Question Technique

  • Defining the Objectives

  • Controlling the Call, Not the Customer

  • Competitive Advantages and Benefits

  • Pre-Script Planning

  • Qualifying the Prospect

  • Evaluating Performance

  • Consultative Selling

  • Handling Objections

  • Script Formatting and Organization

  • Branched Scripts

  • Using Scriptwriting Forms

  • Ethics

  • The Objection Cycle

Table of Contents

  1. The Telemarketing Industry Grows Up
  2. Pre-Script Planning
  3. The Statement/Question Technique: Never Make the Client Feel Wrong or Stupid
  4. Secrets of Effective Telemarketing Scripting
  5. Outbound Calls
  6. Inbound Calls
  7. All About Objections
  8. Script Formatting and Organization
  9. Sample Scripts - Outbound
  10. Assessing Performance
  11. Some Final Advice
  12. Code of Ethics

Appendix I - Scriptwriting Forms

  • Telemarketing Daily Phone Log
  • Daily Telemarketing Call Form
  • Call Monitoring Checklist
  • Results or Reasons
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • Telemarketing Resource Guide

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