Integrating Supporting Technologies Into the Call Center
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Learn how to integrate callcenter software and technology into your call center.
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Successfully integrating technology into your current support center demands a clear understanding of how to match the available technological tools to your unique processes. This class was designed for the technical management and project management teams who are implementing or planning to implement technology-based tools for the help desk.

You will learn about:

  • Your alternatives when making technology decisions

  • How to choose technology wisely and maximize your technology dollars

  • Technology integration process, from beginning to end

  • How to identify your organization's capabilities and risks

Integrating Technology into the Call Center will cover topics and questions such as:

  • Why technology is not a "silver bullet" that eradicates the three-way struggle of service quality, costs, and responsiveness

  • Why technology is a tool that can make well-designed business processes more robust, more responsive, and less expensive

  • Policy and strategy choices, and how they determine the role that technology will play

  • How to mentally "catalog and file" your technology options according to each alternative's role in the service-oriented CRM environment

  • How to spot the "toys" and time wasters, as well as the must haves

  • Critical implementation considerations: Process prerequisites, work center requirements, scale & scope analysis, technology architecture, the development lifecycle, and the financial aspects of technology integration

  • The secret technique to keeping technology squarely focused on customer benefits

  • Using technology to simplify and improve your "ease of doing business"

  • Why good or bad lighting, tools, and work plans will make it easier or harder for people to accomplish their tasks

  • How and why call center technology integration must take into account "mental ergonomics"

  • Why failing to factor human capabilities into your integration plans will aggravate quality issues instead of alleviating them

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The Impact of Policy & Strategy on Technology Integration

  • Call center size
  • Centralization decisions
  • A broad look at technological alternatives

Infrastructure Basics

  • Physical prerequisites for applications platforms
    • The role of cable, fiber, wireless (RF & infrared) and wireless protocols (802.11, Bluetooth, IRDA)
  • Computer hardware
    • Servers
    • Client workstations
    • Paging
    • Instant messaging
  • Telephony
    • PBX switches
    • IVRs
    • ACDs
    • Cell phones
    • Voicemail technology
  • Message boards, laptops, PDA's, PC tablets, & e-book technology
  • Computer telephony & voice-over IP
  • Thin-client approaches
  • Security concerns

The Role of Software

  • Operating systems, networking protocols, VPN
  • Security & authentication
  • Speech recognition
  • Tracking and ticketing systems
  • Email & fax processing
  • Web & Internet technologies
  • Out-dialing systems
  • Customer information databases

Service Providers

  • The "dial-tone" network versus the world of IP
  • ISDN, ADSL, DSL, T1, T3 SS7
  • Cable & satellite service providers
  • Issues in changing vendors

Integrating Technology into the Process

  • The "biscuits & ovens" model

Integrating Technology into the Work Center

  • The "visual" work center

Scale & Scope Analysis

  • Erlang calculations
  • Utilization
  • Wait time

Technology Architecture

  • Technology market searches & RFP's
  • Change & configuration management issues

Technology Development Lifecycle

  • The decision to modify or replace
  • Architecture, design & development
  • Testing, training & implementing
  • Project team issues

Order, Structure & Lifecycle's Impact on Technology Integration in the Call Center

  • Example: PBX costs - then, now, & tomorrow
  • Practical "minimum quantities" of technology
  • Center size alternatives: then, now, & tomorrow

Financial Aspects of Technology Integration

  • Fixed cost, amortization, & ROI
  • Technology strategy
  • Variable costs
  • Preparing alternatives for financial analysis, budgeting, & ROI using spreadsheets

Seminar Schedule
Sept 12-13    Columbia, MD     Columbia Training Center (Location Information)

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Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day. Please arrive at 8:30 the first day to sign-in and meet fellow attendees.

Registration Fees

The per student registration fee for this seminar is $1,395, and includes the seminar, course materials, and refreshments.

To register, call (708) 246-0320 or click on the "Register" button below.

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Payment is due prior to the conference.  If payment is not received, a credit card hold will be required for participation.  This card will only be processed if payment has not been received within two weeks following the conference. Multiple attendee registration discounts apply only to attendees from the same company attending the same (day and location) seminar.

Cancellation Policy.  Registrants may cancel up to fourteen days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $400.  Or, you may transfer your registration to another member of your company at no additional charge.  Registrants canceling within fourteen days of the seminar will receive credit, less administrative fees of $400, toward any other Resource Center seminar.  In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled, you will be notified at least one week prior to the seminar date. Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses on advanced purchase airfares.

Seminar agenda subject to change.


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