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The Call Center Handbook, 2nd edition
by Keith Dawson, softcover, 278 pages, 1999, $34.95



While many call center guides take a soup-to-nuts approach to help desk issues, this new handbook stands out from the crowd. Newly revised in 1999, Keith Dawson's Call Center Handbook presents the most comprehensive coverage of call center technology that we've seen yet. Just glance through the table of contents and you'll see what we mean: skill-based routing, ACD's, the Web, ISDN, toll-free services, fax-on-demand, readerboards, IVR, predictive dialers, voice processing, computer telephony integration, help desk software, workforce management software, telecommuting, telemarketing... and the list goes on. No call center manager today can afford to be without this guide to the technologies and techniques that have made call centers a billion dollar industry.

Table of Contents

  • Where it Starts: Finding the Best Site for Your Center
  • How to Design a Successful Center
  • ACD's: Call Crunching Powerhouses
  • How to Manage Skill-Based Routing
  • What You Need to Know About Predictive Dialers
  • IVR: The Best Front Door to Any Call Center
  • Everything Starts With Voice Processing
  • The Benefits of Fax-On-Demand
  • Computer Telephony Integration: The Advent of an Open Call Center
  • Buying the Best Headset
  • Readerboards - A Feast for the Eyes
  • Saving Money With Refurnished Equipment
  • Choosing Workforce Management Software
  • Telemarketing Software: Not Just for Scripting Anymore
  • Choosing Help Desk/Customer Service Software
  • Dispatch Systems: The Perfect Compliment to the Help Desk
  • Systems for Fast Reliable Order Taking
  • Why You Still Need Call Accounting
  • Handling Telemanagement
  • Toll-Free Services: The Lifeline Into Your Center
  • When Should You Go Outside For Help?
  • Getting the Freshest, Cleanest Lists
  • Using Messages On Hold: Silence Is Not Golden
  • Can Agents Work From Home?
  • Monitoring: Why It's Important and How to Do It Right
  • Small Solutions for Big Results
  • Add Check Processing to Your Repertoire
  • The Immense Value of ANI
  • Preparing For the Worst - So It Never Happens
  • ISDN: The Ultimate Connection For Call Centers
  • How the Web is Changing Call Centers
  • Appendix: Call Center Resources

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