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This collection of cutting-edge articles will help organizations understand how to build customer loyalty through unique relationship-building strategies such as partnerships, branding, and superlative customer service.

Table of Contents

Co-Opting Customer Competence, by C.K. Prahalad and Venkatram Ramaswamy

In this article, the authors demonstrate how the shifting role of the customer affects the notion of a company's core competencies. Where previously, businesses learned to draw on competencies and resources of their business partners and suppliers to compete effectively, they must now include customers as a part of the extended enterprise.

Get Inside the Lives of Your Customers, by Patricia B. Seybold

This article shows how effective three very different companies have been using customer scenarios as the centerpiece of their marketing plans.

The Old Pillars of New Retailing, by Leonard L. Berry

This article illustrates how some retailers have built successful operations by attending to common sense ways of dealing with their customers and how others have failed to do so.

Want to Perfect Your Company's Service? Use Behavioral Science, by Richard B. Chase and Sriram Dasu

This article will help you engineer your service encounters to enhance your customer's experiences as well as their recollections of the process after it is completed.

Don't Homogenize, Synchronize, by Mohanbir Sawhney

Rather than create a "one-company" culture, tearing down organizational walls, this authors advocates synchronizing all its data on products, filtering the information through linked databases and applications, and delivering it in a coordinated, meaningful form to customers.

Firing Up the Front Line, by Jon R. Katzenbach and Jason A. Santamaria

How do some companies succeed in engaging the emotional energy of the rank-and-file workers?  Researchers at McKinsey & Company and the Conference Board discovered that one highly effective route is demonstrated by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Preventing the Premature Death of Relationship Marketing, by Susan Fournier, Susan Dobscha, and David Glen Mick

Ironically, the very things marketers do to build relationships with customers are often the things that are destroying those relationships. This article shows marketers how to figure out how and why they are undermining their own best efforts, as well as how they can get things back on track.

See Your Brands Through Your Customers' Eyes, by Chris Lederer and Sam Hill

The authors explain the "brand portfolio molecule," a new mapping tool that reveals the way brands appear to the customer and the many forces that influence a customer's buying decision.

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