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In today's impersonal, arms-length marketplace, customer loyalty is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  Customer Relationship Management brings it back to the foreground, providing easy-to-apply solutions and strategies for establishing meaningful bonds with your customers and turning them into reliable, lifelong partners.  Customer Relationship Management provides:

  • Practical advice for choosing and implementing a CRM strategy
  • A review of database tools for capturing and managing customer information
  • Proven techniques for translating an effective CRM strategy to the e-commerce environment

Written specifically for today's busy manager, Customer Relationship Management features eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations.  You will find innovative design features to help you navigate each page, such as:

  • Clear, concise definitions of CRM terms and jargon
  • Tips for being smart when managing difficult customer situations
  • How-to hints of the pros for smooth, successful CRM efforts
  • Practical advice to avoid mistakes when dealing with customers
  • Warning signs for where things could go wrong
  • Case studies of how others have achieved successful CRM
  • Specific procedures for implementing CRM strategy

Table of Contents

  1. Customer Relationship Management Is Not an Option
    • Customer Relationship Management Defined
    • Technology Does Not Equal Strategy
    • The Power of CRM
    • CRM Success Factors
    • CRM is Here to Stay
  2. The Customer Service/Sales Profile
    • Why Call It the Customer Service/Sales Profile?
    • The Three Levels of Service/Sales
    • The Shape of Your Customer Service/Sales Profile
    • Pitfalls of the Customer Service/Sales Profile
    • CRM and Your Profile
  3. Managing Your Customer Service/Sales Profile
    • Sonjia's Contact Center
    • Maurice's Food Brokerage
    • Managing Initial or Stand-Alone Transactions
    • Managing For Repeat Business
    • Managing For Customer Advocacy
  4. Choosing Your CRM Strategy
    • CRM Strategy Starting Points
    • Picking the Player
    • Preparing For Your First Meeting
    • THe CRM Strategy Creation Meeting(s)
    • Identify Potential Strategies
    • CRM Strategy Selection
  5. Managing and Sharing Customer Data
    • Returning to Your Strategies
    • Data vs. Information
    • Managing Customer Information -- Databases
    • Ethics and Legalities of Data Use
  6. Tools for Capturing Customer Information
    • Where to Get the Data and Information
    • The Computer is Your Friend (But Not Always Your Best Friend)
    • Believe It or Not
  7. Service-Level Agreements
    • Service-Level Agreements Defined
    • Three Keys to Effective SLAs
    • Creating an SLA
    • Using SLAs to Support Internal Customer Relationships
    • Making SLAs Work
  8. E-Commerce: Customer Relationships on the Internet
    • CRM on the Internet
    • Choosing the Right Vehicle
    • Three Rules for Success on the Road to E-Commerce
    • What Does the Future Hold?
  9. Managing Relationships Through Conflict
    • Managing the Moment of Conflict
    • "But 'Nice' Never Brought Me a Customer"
    • Customer Relationship Management is an Early Warning System
    • What If the Customer Is the Problem?
  10. Fighting Complacency: The "Seven-Year Itch" in Customer Relationships
    • But They Love Me!
    • The Illusion of Complacency
    • Customer Needs CHange
    • Make Parting Such Sweet Sorrow
    • Renew Your Vows
  11. Resetting Your CRM Strategy
    • Ready, Set, Reset!
    • Phase I: Are You Hitting Your Target?
    • Phase II: Does Your CRM Strategy Work For Your People?
    • Phase III: Time for Change
    • Closing Words

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