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Tales of Knock Your Socks Off Service, Inspiring Stories of Outstanding Customer Service by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, 150 pages, 1997, $16.95

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The sixth book in the "Knock Your Socks Off Service" series tells tales (101 of them) of memorable customer service, customer service heroes, and service providers who have gone "Above and Beyond" for their customers.

This delightful book shares shining examples of the "Daily Delights," the "Great Saves," and the "Random Acts of Service Kindness" that make customers remember -- and that bring them back to an organization again and again. With its humor, pragmatic observations, and dozens of stories from "the service zone," anyone at any service level will get a kick out of this book. (And learn some lessons along the way!)

Table of Contents

  1. Sixteen Tales of Service "Above and Beyond"

  2. Seventeen Tales of Great Saves

  3. Eighteen Tales of Savoring Those "Daily Delights"

  4. Thirteen Tales of Service From the Heart

  5. Eleven Tales of Service at Risk of Life and Limb

  6. Six Memorable People

  7. Six Tales of Great Companies

  8. Three Tales From the "Service Zone"

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