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Call Centers Technology and Techniques: A Skills Guide For Call Center Representatives
by Jack A. Green, softcover with CD-ROM, 276 pages, 2003, $55.95



Call Centers: Technology & Techniques explores and develops the necessary skills needed for success. Techniques for communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills will teach you how to become the sought-after candidate employers are looking for.  Whether you are a customer service representative, help-desk operator, or a call center manager, this leading text will guide you through the issues you will face during your career and help you learn how to work through them effectively.

Focusing specifically on a problem-solving approach, Call Centers: Technology & Techniques also covers the most current technology, including web and e-commerce support.  Features include: 

  • On the Job - highlights chapter concepts through real-world scenarios

  • Making Contact - discusses key soft-skill concepts with an emphasis on communication

  • Have You Ever? - helps you relate chapter concepts to personal experience

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Call Centers
    • Call Centers
    • Basic Call Center Technology
    • Call Monitoring
    • Evolution of the Call Center
    • Evolution of the Call Center Representative
    • Characteristics of a Successful Call Center Representative
  2. Creating a Positive Work Climate
    • Call Center Climate
    •  The Team
    • Positive and Negative Behavior
    •  Handling Interpersonal Conflict
  3. Addressing the Call:  It's All Attitude
    • The Power of Attitude
    •  Overcoming a Negative Attitude
    •  Creating a Positive First Impression
    •  Make Every Call a Success
  4. Voice
    • Voice:  The Instrument of Communication
    •  Voice Quality
    • Rate of Speech
    • Diction
    • Inflection/Tone
    • Volume
  5. Customer Rapport
    • The Importance of Good Rapport
    •  The Greeting
    • Using the Customer's Name
    • Communicating Respect for the Customer
    • Matching the Customer's Vocabulary
    • Keeping the Call Flowing
    •  Overcoming Speech Idiosyncrasies
  6. Listening and Questioning
    • Effective Listening
    •  Communicating Through Accents
    •  Questioning Skills
  7. Managing the Call
    • Positive Control
    • Effective Use of the Hold Feature
    • Voice Mail
    • Using E-Mail Effectively
    • Minimizing Telephone Tag
    • Transferring Calls Effectively
    • Saying No to Customers
  8. Style Flexibility
    • Why Is Style Flexibility Important?
    • A Style Assessment Tool
    • Characteristics of the Six Personality Types
    •  Phase Change and Flexibility
  9. Managing Stress and Handling Difficult Customers
    • Stress on the Job
    • Handling Different Types of Customers
  10. Telephone Sales
    • The Role of Sales in the Call Center
    • Belief in Your Product or Service
    • The Selling Process
    • Outbound Calls
    • Final Tips for Successful Sales Calls





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