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Managing Stress: A Guide for Customer Support Professionals
by Karen Eberhardt, softcover, 34 pages, $12.95
Special Order Only



Is the pressure getting to you?  If so, you are not alone. Stress and burnout are big problems on help desks everywhere, and both organizations and employees are paying the price.

This guide is full of practical methods to help you cope with increasing customer demands, assert control over your life, and rediscover the satisfaction of providing customer support.

Table of Contents

  • Stress?  STRESS?  I Don't have Stress!
  • It's Tough Being a Hero
  • Fact and Fiction About Stress
  • What Are the Effects of Stress?
  • So What's Stopping You?
  • Change Never Hurt Anyone
  • The Spice of Life
  • The Land of the Free
  • Pace Yourself
  • Make Decisions That Count
  • Lean a Little
  • Recharge Your Batteries
  • Get Off the Couch!
  • Use the Right Fuel
  • Chart Your Course
  • Who Are You?
  • Where Should You Begin?

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