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Motivating Customer Service Employees
by Leslie Hansen Harps, softcover, 55 pages, $42.95



Motivating customer service reps and keeping them motivated has always been a problem. This book offers solutions.

You probably have a few highly motivated reps.  The others are OK.  But, if they were all highly motivated, your department would run like clockwork and your organization would have a real competitive edge. This book is designed to help you achieve that edge by motivating your customer service reps and keeping them motivated.

Motivating Your Customer Service Employees is a hands-on guide to improving morale, motivation, and productivity in your customer service department. It's filled with the information you need to find, train, motivate, and retain good customer service employees.  Whether you're looking for simple, inexpensive programs which you can use right away, or comprehensive, long-range programs, you'll find them in this book.

You will learn how to:

  • Hire the right people.  You'll get an evaluation with the 45 "most wanted" characteristics for customer service reps to use during your hiring process.
  • "Grow the job" and make it more interesting, challenging, and rewarding. There are dozens of ideas from service leaders.
  • Empower your department and learn about four key areas that you will need to address.  There is even a questionnaire to help you determine if you are ready to empower your staff.
  • Discover the pros and cons of motivating with money.  Find out how to establish a pay-for-performance program that will pay off in increased service and profitability.
  • Motivate by coaching your staff to success.  You'll learn the four basic elements of successful coaching and receive a checklist to help you determine the difference between coaching and direct supervision.
  • Implement teams in the customer service department.  You'll learn ten ways to shorten your team's "storming" cycle and five case studies explaining how other companies have established self-directed work teams.
  • See why it's crucial to continually provide training for your reps. You'll find out how much time your reps should spend on improving their skills.  And, you'll get a list of sixteen key topics that should be covered in every ongoing training program.
  • Discover the importance of motivating through recognition, with eight mini- case studies of how other firms recognize their reps' accomplishments.
  • Get eleven simple and inexpensive ways to add fun and variety to the workplace. You will learn how to reduce physical and emotional stress, and how flexible work patterns will motivate your reps.

Table of Contents

  1. Why motivate
  2. How to hire the right people
  3. Growing the customer service job
  4. Motivating by empowerment
  5. Motivating with money
  6. Motivating with good management
  7. Motivating with teams
  8. Motivating with training
  9. Motivating with recognition
  10. Motivating with fun
  11. Motivating by keeping reps well
  12. Motivating with flexible work patterns

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