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How to Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z
by Dr. Jon Anton and Dru Phelps, softcover, 227 pages, 2002, $34.99



This book is an excellent, well-written, succinct, and pertinent book for anyone who needs to cut through the fluff and learn what needs to be done to get their call center or help desk in shape.

How to Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z is loaded with call center best practices, background and benchmarking information, and many practical methods of measuring your call center and seeing tangible improvement right away.

How to Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z covers the important points of running a high-quality call center operation, such as: reducing customer abandonment, knowing customers better in order to provide more proactive service, best-practices use of equipment and technology for today and beyond, auditing your center's performance for increased improvement, and much more. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Site Assessment
  2. Call Center Issues vs. Opportunities
  3. Demand Generation awareness
  4. How to Qualify Prospects for a Site Assessment
  5. The Site Assessment Proposal
  6. Implementing the Site Assessment
  7. Conducting a Baseline Customer Satisfaction Survey
  8. Preparing the Site Assessment Report
  9. Cost/Benefit Analysis, or Return on Investment (ROI) for Call Center Enhancements
  10. Final Debrief to Understanding the Need to Change
  • Appendix A: Demand Generation Seminar
  • Appendix B:  Evaluating Readiness for Change and Conducting Client Interviews
  • Appendix C:  Understanding Customer Communication Styles
  • Appendix D:  Caller Satisfaction Survey and Analysis
  • Appendix E:  Team Suggested Skills Matrix
  • Appendix F:  TSR New Hire Orientation and Training Evaluation
  • Appendix G:  Corporate Culture
  • Appendix H:  Marketing, Promotion and Internal Communication Plans for Change
  • Appendix I:  Human Resources Management
  • Appendix J:  Call Center Standards
  • Appendix K:  Call Forecasting
  • Appendix L:  Workforce Scheduling and Management
  • Appendix M:  Call Center Access and Caller Routing
  • Appendix N:  Hardware Assessment
  • Appendix O:   Software Assessment
  • Appendix P:  Caller Information Storage and Business Intelligence
  • Appendix Q:  Customer Call Logging and Tracking
  • Appendix R:  Data Capture, Points and Worksheet
  • Appendix S:  Technology Support Levels
  • Appendix T:  Fulfillment
  • Appendix U:  Environmental Design
  • Appendix V:  General Issues
  • Appendix W:  Market Damage Example
  • Appendix X:  Computing an ROI
  • Appendix Y:  Quality Monitoring and Competency Evaluations
  • Appendix Z:  Benchmark for a Balanced Scorecard

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