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Call Center Agent Motivation and Compensation, Second Edition, by Brad Cleveland and Susan Hash,softcover, 184 pages, 2004, $16.95



The link between motivation and performance is a truly powerful one.  In successful call centers, you'll find leaders who understand how to energize and inspire their staff - despite management challenges, such as marketplace fluctuations, outsourcing and job-role changes.

In the pages of Call Center Agent Motivation and Compensation, you'll find the strategies and tactics that work for managers of top-performing call centers, including:

  • The principles of effective motivation
  • Ideas for compelling reward and recognition programs
  • Motivating staff without burying budgets
  • Agent compensation trends
  • Incentives that rev up and retain agents
  • Motivation agents with skills and career growth opportunities

Effective technology and processes play critical roles in call center performance, but it's the people who most impact customer loyalty.

Table of Contents

  1. Motivation
    • Fancy titles, More Responsibility Won't Keep Agents
    • Government Call Centers Share Tips for Improving Morale and Motivation
    • Improving Call Center Performance through People
    • Bank of America Honors Top Reps at One-of-a-Kind Company Conference
    • Dealing with the "Free-Agent" Mindset:  Rethink Recruiting and Rewards
    • Principles of Effective Motivation(Part 1)
    • Principles of Effective Motivation(Part 2)
    • Principles of Effective Motivation (Part 3)
  2. Compensation
    • Call Center Professionals Speak Up for Underpaid Agents
    • Agent Compensation: Motivating Staff without Burying Budgets
    • A Candid Conversation on Call Center Compensation
    • Agent Compensation Strategies Reflect Changing Job Roles
  3. Incentives
    • Use Incentive Programs to Link Desired Behaviors with Rewards
    • Air Canada's Agent-Run Incentive Program Flying High
    • Incentives that Rev Up and Retain Agents
    • An Agent-Based Approach to Incentives
    • A Look at What Works in Agent Rewards and Recognition
    • The Benefits of Online Incentive Programs
  4. Agent Development
    • Effective Career Progression Programs Balance Both Staff and Business Needs
    • Elements of a Successful Agent Development Program
    • Changing Agent Development Opportunities in the Multichannel Environment
    • Supervisor Development: Selecting the Right Agents to Grow
    • Career Opportunities Well above PAR at PharmaCare Call Centers
    • From CSR to Workflow Architect: A Career Path Success Story
  5. Call Center Satire
    • A Brief Guide to Progressive Agent Incentives and Recognition
    • Spicing Up the Agent Image
  6. Index
  7. Publication Dates
  8. How to Reach the Publisher
  9. About Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI)
  10. Author Biographies
  11. Order Form

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