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Going Wi-Fi: Networks Untethered with 802.11 Wireless Technology, 1st edition, by Janice Reynolds, 530 pages, 2003, $29.95



Here is one of the first practical guides to planning and implementing 802.11 wireless networks in enterprise and institutional networks.  Get this book to:

  • Understand and implement Wi-Fi in your business, workplace or educational institution

  • Make it work, whether adding to an existing network or starting from scratch

  • Choose the right equipment and standards to avoid obsolescence and ensure security and reliability

Going Wi-Fi details the current state of the technology and where it's going, as well as regulatory issues about the wireless spectrum, so that businesses can make intelligent decisions about which version of the 802.11 standard to implement to be positioned for future developments in the technology.  It also explores how cellular networks will soon mesh with Wi-Fi access points to enable mobile workers to stay connected to the corporate intranet wherever they go. The book provides detailed technical coverage of the nuts and bolts of Wi-Fi software and hardware: what devices are available, how they connect, and what the differences are between some of the leading competitors' offerings. In addition, the book explains how to ensure security and quality of service.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Wi-Fi
  2. The Promise of Wi-Fi
  3. Fueling the Wi-Fi Fire
  4. The Regulators' Role
  5. Modulation Techniques
  6. The Wi-Fi Standards Spelled Out
  7. A WLAN Primer
  8. A Practical WLAN Deployment Plan
  9. Building Bridges
  10. Contrasting Deployments
  11. The WISP Industry
  12. Building a Hot Spot
  13. Wi-Fi and Cellular -- A Dynamic Duo
  14. Wi-Fi in the Corporate World
  15. Vertical WLANs
  16. Optimizing a WLAN
  17. Dealing With Security Issues
  18. The Access Point
  19. The Antenna
  20. Client Devices
  21. Cabling, Connectors and Wiring
  22. Wi-Fi's Future
  23. Some Final Musings

Appendix I: The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model

Appendix II: Understanding RF Power Values

Appendix III: Regulatory Specifics re Wi-Fi

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