Network Tutorial: A Complete Introduction to Networks, by Steve Steinke, softcover, 567 pages, $29.95



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This guide delivers insight and understanding about network technology to managers and executives trying to get up to speed or stay current with the complex changes of designing, constructing, maintaining, upgrading, and managing the network infrastructure.  The focus is on practical knowledge aimed at continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of core business functions.

Enterprise networks, and the public networks that link them together (including the internet), are an organization's primary strategic and competitive assets in the information economy. Consequently, a practical understanding of network technology is essential to managing a successful business or organization.

Starting with the basic precepts of networks, the book explores protocols, hardware and software components, and the unique jargon of networking.  Concepts are explained clearly and simply, without assuming an extensive understanding of network terms.

Among the many topics new to this edition are: wireless networks, cable modem systems, virtual private networks, IP security, asset management, and XML.  Other key subjects include improving network performance, anytime/anywhere access, and interoperability.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Networks--Layers and Protocols
    • Network Protocols
    • The Networking Reference Library
  2. Physical Layer Protocols
    • Encoding, Modulation, and the Physical Layer
    • Basic Phone Service and Circuits
    • Getting Data Over the Telephone Line: CSUs and DSUs
    • The ISDN Connection
    • An ISDN Issue
    • Inverse Multiplexing
    • Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AO/DI)
    • Synchronous Optical Network
    • Wave Division Multiplexing
  3. Data-Link Protocols
    • Topologies
    • Access Methods
    • Ethernet Frame Types
    • Fast Ethernet: 100BaseT
    • Frame Relay
    • ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
    • ATM Basics
    • PPP and PPP over Ethernet
    • Cable Modem Systems
    • Signaling System 7
    • Remote Access
  4. Network and Transport Layer Protocols
    • The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
    • IP Addresses and Subnet Masks
    • IP Quality of Service
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • Multicasting
    • H.323
    • Inside the Session Initiation Protocol
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • The AppleTalk Protocols
  5. Application Layer Protocols
    • Providing Internet and World Wide Web Service
    • Internet Services
    • Hypertext Markup Language
    • HTML and CGI
    • CGI and Web Servers
    • Creating Virtual Documents with CGI
    • Web Server Image Maps
    • Web Tools
    • SSL and S-HTTP
    • Lightweight Directory Access Protocols
    • X.400 Messaging
    • XML and XSL
  6. Network Hardware
    • Cabling
    • Lay of the LAN -- Cabling Basics
    • Cable Testing
    • Basic Electricity Boot Camp
    • Electrostatic Discharge
    • Fiber Optics for Networks
    • Wireless Networking
    • 802.11 and Spread Spectrum
    • Wireless LANs (802.11b)
    • Interface Cards
    • File Servers
    • Multiprocessor Servers
    • PCI: New Bus on the Block
    • PCI and Future Bus Architectures
    • Storage Area Networks
    • Network Wiring Hubs
    • Broadband LANs
    • Which Fast LAN?
  7. Network Software
    • Network Applications
    • Client-Server Computing
    • Network Operating System
    • Directories
    • Netware Directory Services
    • Printing
    • OS/2 LANs
    • Application Servers
    • E-Mail and SMTP
    • The Basics of E-Mail Access
    • E-Mail and MIME
    • Mail-Enabled Applications
    • Workflow Applications
    • Messaging-Enabled Applications
    • Threaded Conversation Databases
  8. Internetworking
    • Internetworking
    • Bridges
    • Ethernet Switching
    • Switching vs. Routing
    • New Twists
    • VLANs and Broadcast Domains
    • Routing Protocols
    • Configuring a Router
    • Token Ring Interetworking
    • Mainframe Gateways
    • SNA and LU6.2 Connectivity
    • Wireless WANs
    • Dial-Up Internetworking
  9. Network and Systems Management
    • Network Management
    • Simple Network Management Protocol -- SNMP
    • Policy-Based Networking
    • Protocol Analyzers
    • Troubleshooting Ethernet Problems
    • Managing the Desktop
    • Asset Management
    • Server Performance Benchmarks
  10. Network Security and Backup Systems
    • Security
    • IP Security
    • E-Mail Security
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Proxy Servers
    • Wireless Network Security
    • THe Virus Threat
    • Backup
    • Tape Backup
    • Fault-Tolerant Systems

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