Business Telecom Systems: A Guide to Choosing the Best Technologies and Services

by Kerstin Day Peterson, softcover, 442 pages, 2000, $24.95



This comprehensive book is certain to get you up to speed on telecommunications topics and terminology. More importantly, it is written for the business person, and is appropriate written in layman's terms. We would call this book non-technical/user-friendly.

You'll learn about:

  • Telecom technologies
  • How to buy key systems, PBXs, and communications servers
  • Digital transport technologies and how they work
  • All about computer telephony integration and voice over IP
  • Local access, the Telecom Act of 1996, and competitive carriers made simple
  • Adjunct technologies such as fax, IVR, call accounting, and voicemail
  • Call centers and automatic call distribution (ACD)

Also included are a ready-to-use Request For Proposal (RFP) and hundreds of vendors and government references.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Telecom Basics
  2. The History of the Telephone
  3. The Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Local Loop, and CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers)
  4. Consultants and Subcontractors
  5. Choosing a Dealer
  6. The Secondary Market
  7. How to Install a Phone System
  8. Key Systems
  9. Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)
  10. Communications Servers
  11. Repeaters and Routers
  12. Centrex Service
  13. Call Center Technology
  14. Phone System Equipment List
    An easy-to-use list of key systems PBXs and communication servers by manufacturer
  15. Phone System Manufacturer List
    Major phone system and communications server manufacturers' contact information
  16. Cabling and Wiring: Basics and Standards
    Color codes, types, and kinds of wire and categories
  17. Structured Wiring Systems
  18. Telemanagement
    PC-based software systems for organizing and tracking your phone system and structured wiring system
  19. Wiring Diagrams
    Color-coded diagram for common jack and modular plug wiring
  20. Fax
    Basic fax technologies, fax protocols, and standards, plus fax on demand (FOD) and fax servers
  21. Voicemail
  22. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Auto Attendants
  23. Call Accounting
  24. Power Protection
    How to protect and condition your communications system
  25. Trunks, Dialing Plans, and Local Service
  26. T-1 Carriers
  27. Long Distance Services
    The North American Numbering Plan (NANP), international calling, The Prescribed Interexchange Carrier (PIC), Charge CIC (carrier identification codes) and dial-around, toll-free services, and how to buy long distance services
  28. New Area Codes
    Splits vs. overlays
  29. Area Codes List
    An updated list of new area codes
  30. Analog Transmission, Multiplexing, and Circuits
    Frequency division multiplexing, central office trunks, analog private lines, tie lines and direct inward dialing
  31. Signaling and ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
    Color-coded diagrams for common jack and modular plug wiring.
  32. Data Communications, Digital Voice and the OSI Model 287
    Digital voice, analog to digital conversion, pulse code modulation (PCM), SNA and SDLC, plus signaling system 7 (SS7) and Internet standards
  33. Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN)
  34. Frame Relay
  35. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  36. Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL)
  37. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  38. Voice Over the Internet or Intranets
    The Internet protocol
  39. Unified Messaging
  40. Enhanced Services Platform
    International callback and calling cards
  41. Sample Design KeySheet
  42. List of Agencies and Organizations
  43. Glossary - all the technical terms in this book defined

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