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E-Service: 24 ways to keep your customers when the competition is just a click away, by Ron Zemke, Tom Connellan, hardcover, 341 pages, $25.00
Out-of-print -- backorders only.



Hot-wire your e-commerce efforts with a too-often missed marketing advantage: SERVICE!  Whether you market to businesses or consumers, the secret to successful e-growth is to build in service that meets the high expectations of Web buyers, delights them, and keeps them coming back for more.  E-Service gives you the blueprint for a reliable, end-to-end system of customer service that seamlessly leverages the Web's unique features.  (It even includes a seven-lesson crash course - in case you need to jump-start your online service efforts in a hurry!).

Ron Zemke and Tom Connellan, two of the gurus affiliated with the best-selling Knock Your Socks Off Service series, spell our 24 proven ways to differentiate your Web site with fantastic service!  You'll learn how to:

  • Become an ETDBW (easy-to-do-business-with) company.
  • Turn ho-hum customer "satisfaction" into "hockey-stick loyalty."
  • Put your current e-service efforts under the microscope - and spot the weaknesses that can alienate customers.
  • Simplify and accelerate your Web interface without sacrificing sophistication.
  • Personalize the e-experience.
  • Turn service mistakes into customer gold.
  • Create a retention strategy that makes customers stick to you like Velcro.
  • And much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Remember the Klondike
  2. Know Your Competition-Your Real Competition
  3. Hockey-Stick Loyalty
  4. The Anatomy of Customer-Pleasing E-Service: Seven Principles, Twenty-Four Keys
  5. Practice Easy-to-Do-Business-With Thinking
    • Master the ETDBW Design Basics
    • Start ETDBW below the Line of Visibility
    • Make Your Systems Employee-and Customer-Friendly
  6. Design for Distinction
    • Put Your Personality into Every Touchpoint
    • Make Emotion Part of the Memory
    • Build in -- and on -- Security, Speed, and Easy Navigation
    • Communicate Trust through Design
    • Build Trust from the First Click
    • Think Hyperlog -- Not Cyberstore
  7. Personalize the E-Experience
    • Win Their Trust First-Ask for Info Later
    • Personalized E-Mail to Build Trust and Credibility
    • Market Live CSRs as Access to Experts Who Can Do More than Answer Questions
    • Create Community to Add Value
  8. Deliver End-to-End Service
    • Focus on Fast, Efficient Fulfillment
    • Take the Paper out of the System
  9. Encourage Human Contact
    • Make Human Contact Easy, Ample, and Varied
    • Understand and Manage Contact Expectations
    • Hire People Who Do Text and Voice Well
    • Peg E-Service Standards to Web and Customer Time
  10. Make Recovery a Point of Pride
    • Master Service Recovery Basics
    • Define Recovery from the Customer's Point of View
  11. Build a Retention Strategy (or, out with the Teflon, in with the Velcro)
    • Practice Retention Planning
    • Make the First Three Visits Memorable
    • Use Incentives to Increase Spending
  12. A Seven-Lesson Crash Course in E-Service Improvement
  13. The Future of the Net: Take These Predictions to the Bank
  14. Browser's Guide

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