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Customer Service Skills for Technical Support Professionals
by Karen Eberhardt, softcover pamphlet, 33 pages, $12.95



Just what is the job of the help desk?  Successful technical support departments know that simply solving problems isn't enough - good support requires good customer service.  This guide will get you thinking of your callers as customers, and show you why skillful customer service is essential to you, the help desk, and the entire organization.

Table of Contents

  • So what's your problem?
  • A little help from a friend
  • Why are we here?
  • How do you satisfy a customer?
  • Basic emotions
  • Promote a service attitude
  • Oral/Visual communication skills
  • Basic needs of every customer
  • Greeting the customer
  • Develop an understanding ear
  • Ask your customer questions
  • Show your willingness to help
  • Tell the customer where things stand
  • Mission accomplished?
  • Ending on the right note
  • Follow-up
  • Phrases that work magic
  • The need for effective systems
  • Support for the help desk
  • Develop an attitude that is younique
  • Summary
  • Now it's up to you

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