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Ergonomics -- How to Make Your Workstation Work for You
by Holly Rainwater, softcover, 38 pages, $12.95



Over the years, work-related illnesses such as cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) have steadily increased.  The high cost associated with these illnesses have also been on the rise.  So now more than ever, call centers and help desks are realizing the importance - and the cost savings -- of an ergonomically correct environment.

Health and Safety Specialist Holly Rainwater describes the risk factors that can lead to workstation-related injuries and how you can adjust your workstation to work for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding ergonomics
    • What is ergonomics?
    • Ergonomics in the workplace
    • Costs associated with ergonomics
    • Simple solutions to difficult problems
  2. Ergonomic risk factors
    • Risk factors
    • Avoiding risk factors
  3. Are you at risk?
    • Evaluating your work environment
    • Work habits and job functions
  4. Making you workstation work for you
    • Evaluating your workstation
    • Making simple adjustments
    • The right chair
    • Your monitor
    • The correct keyboard
    • That pesky mouse
    • Your phone and headset
    • Implementing changes
  5. Employee involvement and management commitment
    • Employee involvement
    • Management commitment
    • Working together

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