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Effective Information Gathering Techniques
by Randall S. Pearson, softcover pamphlet, 26 pages, 1995, $12.95
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As a support professional, you probably ask your customers dozens of questions every day as you gather the information you need to resolve their problems. Clearly, asking your customers the right questions requires skill. In this focused book, Randall Pearson discusses various models that will help you sharpen your information-gathering skills. As you perfect these skills, you'll increase first-level resolutions, decrease call-backs, and enjoy more effective customer interactions.

Table of Contents

  1. Information gathering in the problem assessment process
    • The problem assessment process
  2. How to use models to gather relevant information
    • The One-Sided assessment model
    • The Unstructured Interchange model
    • The Five W's and an H model
    • The Actual Versus Expected model
    • The Dimensional Analysis model
    • What happens next
  3. How to use the Dimensional Analysis model: A case study
    • The case study scenario
    • Your customer calls the support center
    • You question your customer
    • You use the Dimensional Analysis model
    • You initiate testing as an interim action

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