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How to Establish and Maintain Service Level Agreements
by Char LaBounty, softcover, 42 pages, $12.95
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How do you establish and maintain Service Level Agreements (SLA's)?  First, you must have a commitment to a customer service culture, then you must have a commitment to an ongoing SLA process.   Char LaBounty, a former director of the Help Desk Institute, presents her step-by-step process, based on 20 years of experience, for determining service elements, negotiating service quality goals, and measuring your service against your SLA's.

Table of Contents

  1. An introduction to service level agreements
    • Purpose of SLAs
    • Benefits of implementing SLAs
    • SLAs are not static documents
  2. Prerequisites for implementing SLAs
    • Your company must have a service culture
    • Your company's customer/business initiatives must drive all IS activities
    • You must commit to the SLA process and contract
  3. How to identify elements in the SLA process
    • Determine the parties involved in the process
    • Determine service elements
      • Hours of operation
      • Off-hours support
      • Priority classifications
      • Escalation procedures
      • Products to be supported
      • Level of support
      • Status reporting
      • Caller responsibility
      • Problem management and asset tracking procedures
  4. Developing your SLAs
    • Understand your customers' business needs and goals
    • Define the SLAs required for each group
    • Choose the format of your SLAs
    • Establish the SLA work group
    • Hold work group meetings and draft an SLA
    • Draft a Service Level Agreement
  5. How to negotiate your SLAs
    • Work groups review the SLA draft
    • Schedule formal management review and approval meetings
  6. How to measure and report against your SLAs
    • Establish key performance measurements
    • How to report your SLAs
  7. How to conduct ongoing maintenance on your SLAs
    • Live the 3 P's: proactive, predictive, and preventive

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