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Building Bridges -- Using Thinking Styles to Facilitate Communication
by Virginia Scuderi & Eric Svendsen, softcover pamphlet, 29 pages, 1995, $12.95



Getting cooperation and agreement from all types of people can be challenging. Yet, it can be as simple as changing the way you phrase a question. Eric and Virginia Svendsen, communication experts, explain how five thinking styles shape the way we communicate with others. You'll learn specific techniques for building communication bridges so you can work more effectively with people who use each thinking style.

Table of Contents

  1. Are people difficult? Or just different?
    • Thinking styles can reduce friction
    • Do you know these people?
  2. The five basic thinking styles
    • The synthesist: The devil's advocate
    • The idealist: Consensus builder
    • The pragmatist: Short-term solutions
    • The analyst: Master of deduction
    • The realist: "Been there, done that."
    • Recognizing the basic thinking styles
  3. Facilitating communication with each thinking style
    • One thinking style?  Or several?
    • There's more to communication than thinking style
    • The synthesist
    • The idealist
    • The pragmatist
    • The analyst
    • The realist
    • You're ready to put these ideas to work
  4. Putting thinking styles to work
    • Let's go back to the meeting
    • How do you begin?
    • Build bridges, not islands

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