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Attracting and Rewarding Outstanding Employees
by David Rye, softcover, 188 pages, 2002, $12.95



Hiring talented people and creating an atmosphere in which they can flourish is crucial to the success of any business. But in today's competitive job market, it's easier said than done.

In this must-have guide for business owners and hiring managers, bestselling author and recruitment expert David Rye reveals hundreds of successful techniques for finding, motivating and keeping top-notch employees. Highlights include:

  • How to spot outstanding employees.

  • Where to find the future stars of your company.

  • Common mistakes companies make when hiring people and how to avoid them.

  • What to look for when you're sorting through resumes- and how to weed out the bad seeds.

  • How to prescreen applicants before you ask them for an interview.

  • What questions to ask - and not to ask - during an interview.

  • How to sell a candidate on your company.

  • Tips for getting the most from your outstanding employees.

  • And much more!

Rye also reveals proven strategies for minimizing employee turnover, including low-cost, easy-to-implement reward programs and innovative techniques for motivating your team. Packed with real-world examples, illustrations, tips boxes and sidebars, Attracting & Rewarding Outstanding Employees is your essential guide to winning the recruiting battle.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is an Outstanding Employee?
    • What Are the Qualities of Outstanding Employees?
    • Do They Possess Strong Leadership Qualities?
    • Can You Meet Their Career Aspirations?
  2. How Do You Beat the Competition?
    • Can You Offer Employees Stability?
    • How Do You Attract Competitors? Employees?
    • Whats In It for Me?
  3. Where Do You Find Outstanding Employees?
    • Create an Exciting Job Description
    • How Do You Attract Outstanding People?
  4. How Do You PreScreen Applicants?
    • What to Look for in a Résumé
    • Start by Asking the Right Questions
    • Always Look for Winners
  5. What Should You Do Before the Interview?
    • Preparing for the Interview
    • Team Interviews
    • Posting Job Openings
  6. How Do You Qualify Candidates During an Interview?
    • Sell Every Candidate
    • Ask the Right Qualifying Questions
    • Avoid Pessimists
  7. How Do You Uncover Hidden Problems?
    • Use Questions to Uncover Hidden Problems
    • Do They Have the Skills That You Need?
    • Personal Appearance
  8. How Do You Sell a Candidate On Your Organization?
    • Mastering the Art of Persuasion
    • Using Hooks
    • The Final Persuader
  9. What if the Candidate Rejects Your Offer?
    • Why Did They Turn You Down?
    • Lead With Your Best Foot Forward
  10. Why Should You Only Hire Team Leaders?
    • What All Teams Need
    • Make a Great First Impression
  11. What Can You Do To Minimize Employee Turnover?
    • What to Watch Out For
    • Questions You Must Ask to Uncover Turnover Problems
  12. How Do Informal Rewards Help Retain Outstanding Employees?
    • Easy Ways to Implement Informal Rewards
    • Low-Cost Rewards
  13. How Do Formal Rewards Help Retain Outstanding Employees?
    • Formal Reward Guidelines
  14. How Do You Set Up Achievement Reward Programs?
    • Outstanding Employee Rewards
    • Sales Goal Rewards
    • Group Rewards
    • Team Rewards
  15. How to Use Contests To Excite Outstanding Employees
    • Contest Reward Ground Rules
    • Travel Reward Contests
  16. What Can You Do To Keep
    • Your Team Motivated?
    • How Do You Motivate Your Team?
  17. Where Do Fringe Benefits Fit Into Your Rewards Program?
    • Offer Incentive Plans
    • Add a Profit-Sharing Plan
    • Compensating with Training
    • Offer Your Employees an ESOP Program
  18. How Do You Motivate Outstanding Employees?
    • Common Motivational Drives We All Have
    • Maintaining Motivation Throughout Your Organization
    • Give People Real Work to Do
  19. How Can You Get More Out Of Your Outstanding Employees?
    • Speak with a Vision that People Can See
    • What the Experts Say
    • Get Your Outstanding People Involved
  20. What Does the Future Hold for Your Organization?
    • Embrace Change
    • Future Roles and Structure
  21. Where Are There More Ideas to Attract Outstanding Employees?
  22. Chapter 22
    • Summary and Conclusions

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