Call Center Agent Turnover and Retention,by The Best of Call Center Management Review, 125 pages, 2002,$16.95



High staff attrition has plagued the call center industry for years, straining budgets and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.  With the increased skill levels required of today's call center agent, it's more critical than ever to find ways to stem that outflow and keep your quality staff.

In these pages you'll find a collection of articles, information and tools that will allow you to create an environment that inspires agents to stay and grow with your organization.  The ideas collected here focus on those elements proven to impact agent turnover and retention, including a positive culture, hiring strategies, managing job stress, agent satisfaction, compensation and effective motivation techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
    • Key Aspects of Successful Agent Retention Processes
  2. Corporate Culture
    • The Role of Corporate Culture in Agent Commitment
    • Negative Culture and Dysfunction Permeate U.S. Call Centers, Study Says
  3. Enhancing Agent Retention
    • Cut Agent Turnover by Hiring for Motivational Fit
    • Build Long-Term Loyalty from the Agent's Perspective
    • Create a Pleasant, Productive Environment that Will Boost Agent Retention
    • Combating the Negative Effects of Job Stress in the Call Center
    • Getting Aggressive with Agent Retention
  4. Planning for Turnover
    • Effective Planning for Turnover
    • "Designed Turnover": A Different Approach to Retention
    • Consider Agent Turnover to be a Friend, Not a Foe
  5. Success Stories
    • A Decade of Service the Average for Agents at MedicAlert Call Center
    • AmFac Parks and Resorts Cuts Agent Turnover with Elaborate Career Path
  6. Special Topics
    • Understanding the Costly Threat of Agent Turnover
    • Managing Internal Agent Attrition
  7. Humor
    • Turnover Reduction Practices


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