Call Center Recruiting and New-Hire Training ,by The Best of Call Center Management Review, 163 pages, 2001, $16.95



The highest hurdle that stands before most call center managers today is the shortage of qualified agents.  The increase in call center openings, low employment and intense rivalry for multiskilled agents will add up (if it doesn't already) to a management nightmare unless you have an effective recruitment and new-hire training program in place.

Call Center Recruiting and New-Hire Training is a collection of articles, ideas, and tools to help you prepare for booming call center growth and the demands of the emerging multi channel environment.  In these pages, you will find innovative practices, programs and strategies to get the right people with the right aptitudes and abilities in place before training commences... and then cultivate those new hires into high-performance agents equipped and ready for the challenges ahead.

Table of Contents

  1. Managers' Views on Staffing
    • Call Center Managers Share Secrets at Human Resources Roundtable
    • Guide to Call Center Staffing Success in the New Millennium
  2. Recruiting
    • How to Develop a Retention-Oriented Agent Recruiting and Selection Process
    • Recruiting Strategies for Multimedia Call Centers
    • Call Center Managers Turn to Employment Specialists for Staffing Solutions
    • ETS Strikes It Rich Tapping Contract Worker Pool
    • College Call Center Programs Help to Fill Shallow Labor Pool
  3. Selecting the Right Candidates
    • CIGNA Uses Computerized Applicant-Screening System to Identify Top Agent Candidates
    • Specialized Pre-Employment Screening Pays Off  for Call Centers
    • GEICO Explains Its Criteria for Hiring and Retaining Reps
    • Net Reps: Crucial Staff for Today's Contact Center
    • Don't Waste Resources Developing the Wrong People
  4. Developing New-Hires into Successful Agents
    • Ensuring New-Hire Success via "Transition Training"
    • Arrowhead Water's Innovative Hiring and Agent Development Practices
    • Agent Partners Tackle Training Challenges at Today's Merchandising's Call Center
    • Getting Aggressive with Agent Retention
  5. Recruiting and Training Call Center Management
    • Developing Super Reps into Supervisors
    • Training and Support for Frontline Supervisors
    • Tips on Recruiting Top-Quality Call Center Managers
  6. Alternative Labor Pools
    • Goodwill Toronto Trains Disabled Workers and and Youth-at-Risk for Call Center Careers
    • GSA Call Center Provides Meaningful Jobs for Workers Who Are Blind
  7. Hiring Humor
    • Effective Pre-Employment Questions
    • Separating the Reps from the Replicas


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