Hiring: How to Find and Keep the Best People
by Richard S. Deems, softcover, 125 pages, 1999, $12.99



How can I be more effective when conducting a hiring interview? What questions should I ask?  What questions are illegal to ask? How can I really predict if a candidate will “fit”?

The process of interviewing and selecting an employee can seem like a hit or miss proposition - especially to new managers who may not have a lot of hiring experience.  In today’s times when even small companies can spend thousands of dollars a year to recruit, hire, and train a single productive employee, you can’t afford to misstep.

Richard Deems’ Hiring: How to Find and Keep the Best People puts more science into the hiring process, presenting a practical, hands-on workbook to guide you through a hiring effort that will target the right employees for your business.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Hiring Will Make or Break Your Company
  2. Identify What You Really Need
  3. Strategies to Recruit the Best
  4. Prepare For the Interview in Five Steps
  5. The Interview: Get the Information You Need
  6. Stay on the Right Side of the Law
  7. Evaluate and Select With Confidence
  8. How Do I Handle the Unexpected?
  9. Keeping the Best

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