How to Hire the Best Service Professionals,        by Susan Hash, 85 pages, 1999,$49.95



In your contact center you've probably got a few highly motivated, energetic and enthusiastic reps.  They know your products and services and have the skills to make every customer feel valued.

Imagine what it would be like to have an entire department filled with reps like these.  With a little help from How to Hire the Best Service Professionals you can.  

This book focuses on the essential tools you can use to formalize your process.  Each chapter includes numerous samples of hiring forms, checklists and guidelines currently being used by companies in various industries, which you can customize for your own organization.

Table of Contents

  1. Traits of a great customer service professional
    • The 10 most important skills to look for in a rep
    • Skill sets required for today's "cyber-reps"
  2. Develop a pre-hiring strategy
    • Using the knowledge of your top performers to create a job description
    • Writing classified ads to attract the best candidates
    • 8 real-world job descriptions, plus samples of internal job postings and classified ads
  3. Create the perfect job interview
    • How to conduct an initial telephone interview
    • What to look for in an in-person interview
    • Sample interview questions that will get the answers you need to evaluate a candidate
    • How to test for writing and other technical skills
    • 9 sets of interview guidelines from top customer service companies
  4. Retain new hires with training and development plans
    • How to get your new hire off to a great start
    • How to set career expectations
    • How to survey exiting employees to identify problems in the department
    • Samples of new-hire checklists and performance standards
    • Samples of training guides and new-hire progress assessments


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