ISDN: A Practical Guide To Getting Up and Running

by William A. Flanagan, softcover, 204 pages, 2000, $39.95, Sorry - Out of Stock - Backorders Only



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If you want to know how to get the most out of ISDN, this book is a "must read."  After many years of growing pains and configuration problems, ISDN is now a widely deployed and reliable technology that provides robust and flexible voice services for call centers and businesses of all kinds.

For telecom managers and network operators, this book explains the interface requirements, functions, features, and protocols for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.  It also explores ISDN's wide range of  features such as call forwarding, conferencing, hunt groups, distinctive ringing, fax services, and "follow me" numbers. The second edition includes complete coverage of  ISDN Ordering Codes (IOCs) for National ISDN-1 (NI-1) and National ISDN-2 (NI-2), standardized codes which have greatly simplified the process of ordering and configuring ISDN service.

If  you need to know how ISDN works in your network, and how it affects your company's business, read this book.  Only equipment engineers need the full 5-foot pile of standards documents that describe ISDN; here's the one book that gives you just what you need (and maybe a bit more) to evaluate ISDN for your own business and talk with confidence to service providers and equipment vendors.    

Table of Contents

  1. Where ISDN Came From
    • Digitized Voice As the Start
    • Many Uses for ISDN
    • Signaling Capability
    • Where is ISDN Going
  2. What is ISDN
    • Access Interfaces
    • Network Interfaces
    • Network Interface Demark Points
    • Basic Rate Interface (2B+D)
    • Primary Rate Interface (23B or 30B + D)
    • Broadband ISDN (ATM or Cell Relay)
  3. ISDN Network Functions and Features
    • Bearer Services (Modes)
    • Standards Define Functions
    • Common Channel Signaling
  4. Ordering ISDN Lines
    • Your results May Vary
    • Configuring For Terminal Parameters
    • ISDN Ordering Codes (IOCs) for NI-1
    • ISDN Ordering Codes for NI-2
    • Implications of IOCs
  5. Premises Wiring
    • T Interface Wiring
    • S Interface 'Passive Bus'
    • Connectors for Cable and Equipment
    • Power Distribution
    • Networking Acronyms

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