Optimizing Outbound Calling: The Strategic Use of Predictive Dialers

by Dr. Jon Anton and Alex Demczak, softcover, 163 pages, 2002, $39.99



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This book represents one of the first, if not the only, book dedicated to optimizing outbound calling.  The authors have purposefully directed the book's information content at the non-technical executive who is in charge of the outbound call handling function.  Outbound calls typically fall into the following specialties:

  • outbound telemarketing/sales
  • outbound market research
  • outbound customer satisfaction surveys
  • outbound collections of unpaid bills

All of these are treated in the book, however, many of the examples are in the very important specialty of optimizing outbound collections calls.

The content of the book is organized in such a way as to assist the reader in understanding the complete end-to-end process of automated outbound call dialing.  Specifically, the reader will find the following steps described in detail:

  • preparing a needs assessment
  • selecting and contracting a predictive dialer supplier
  • implementing a predictive dialer solution
  • applying change management principles to ensure "buy-in" by existing agents
  • handling and using dialer reports
  • benchmarking dialer improvements to ensure attaining the anticipated ROI

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Need-to-Knows Before You Start
  3. Determine Your Needs
  4. Choosing a Predictive Dialer
  5. The "Must Do's" of  Implementation
  6. No Longer Business as Usual - Leading the Change
  7. Help Your Staff Adapt to the New Way of Doing Business
  8. Reporting Results
  9. Maximizing the Performance of Your Predictive Dialer
  10. Predictive Dialer Case Study
  11. Outbound Benchmark Report
  12. Benchmarking Your Outbound Call Center
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Predictive Dialer Manufacturers
  • Call Center Glossary

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