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"It takes months to get a new customer, moments to lose one"
11 oz. coffee mug.

High quality, durable ceramic. Message appears in whimsical red against a high-sheen, light grey background.  Print appears on both sides, $9.95



Having a bad day?  Not enough sleep?  Been getting the calls from hell all day?

There are plenty of times when you may not be at your "friendliest," perhaps for some very good reasons.  But, before you take a call, you need to remind yourself that even an off tone of voice or less than enthusiastic attitude can be heard, and possibly misinterpreted, by the customer.  And, that could put someone else's months of sales efforts at risk.  

But, don't worry, there's a simply solution.  Now, with each and every call, you can remind yourself that the moment of truth is at hand.  Keep your "It takes months to get a new customer, moments to lose one" mug in a prominent location on your desk, where it can give you a gentle reminder before you launch into the next greeting.

Have a sometimes-surly associate?  These mugs make nice gifts, too.

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