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"Today, product is a commodity.  High Quality Service is our differentiating feature."  11 oz. coffee mug.

High quality, durable ceramic. Message appears in white against a high-sheen, navy background.  Rim beautifully accented with a gold halo.  Print appears on both sides, $9.95



There aren't many companies that have a monopoly on a product.  Far more often, customers make a choice.  Your customers choose between your company and your competitors. And, it's no secret -- excellent service leads to high customer retention and loyalty.  Service will determine whether a customer stays or strays.

Now, each and every day, you can remind yourself, your colleagues, and management of the support center's vital contribution to customer retention.  Proudly display and use your "Today, product is a commodity.  High Quality Service is our differentiating feature."  mug and acknowledge your crucial role in the organization's success.

This beautiful mug, with a luxurious golden halo rim, also makes a great gift to company officers and managers that need a gentle reminder of the important role customer service and support plays in the profitability equation.

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