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The Economics of Online Support, by The Association of Support Professionals, 8-1/2" x 11", 6 pages, $60



Why do customers visit software websites?  Almost without exception, the two top traffic builders these days are online product sales and self-service technical support.  But, building customer relationships isn't cheap.  Web support sites in particular can gobble up huge investments in cash, manpower, and management time.  Worse, it's been almost impossible to find basic metrics for managing these constantly-escalating costs and for setting reasonable standards for productivity and efficiency.

For this reason, The Association of Support Professionals compiled the results of surveyed web site managers on their site maintenance costs, web support pay levels, self-service transaction costs, e-mail metrics, and the performance of their knowledgebase software.

Table of Contents

Site Maintenance

  • Payroll
  • Web-related staffing ratios
  • Other costs
  • Non-payroll cost ratios

Transaction Costs

  • Cost per web transaction

E-Mail Metrics

  • E-mail productivity per support rep
  • E-mail response time

Web Support Salaries

  • Senior online support manager
  • Knowledgebase technical editor
  • Knowledgebase technical writer
  • Web site developer/designer

Knowledgebase Metrics

  • Productivity
  • Tech note productivity per writer
  • Knowledgebase technology
  • Knowledgebase vendor rating
  • Resolution rates

Survey Demographics

  • Price range
  • Company size
  • Organization size

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