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Agent Staffing and Retention Study Final Report
By Call Center Management Review, 8-1/2" x 11", 24 pages, $129.95



This research study was developed to offer managers insight into the present state of staffing and retention processes in call centers, nationwide and by industry.  In addition to the statistical data contained in the report, it offers verbatim comments from survey respondents on key issues.  You can use the information provided to evaluate your call center's current policies and processes, to pinpoint areas on which to focus your budget and resources in the next few years, and to develop an overall strategy for growing and retaining agents.

Table of Contents

Respondents' Background

  • Figure I:  Number of Full-Time Agents Employed in the Call Center
  • Table I:  Number of Agents Per Call Center by Industry
  • Figure II:  Regional Location of the Call Center

Agent Turnover Rates

  • Table II:  Internal Turnover Rate by Industry
  • Table III:  External Turnover Rate by Industry
  • Figure III:  Average Length of Employment for Full-Time Agents

Key Reasons for Turnover

  • Table IV:  Causes of Turnover Among Agents

Agent Compensation Practices

  • Figure IV:  Skill-based & Job-based Compensation by Industry
  • Figure V:  Skill-based & Job-based compensation by Region

Incentives Offered

  • Figure VI:  Agent Incentives

Agent Hourly Wage

  • Figure VII:  Agent Hourly Wage
  • Table V:  Industry Comparison - Entry-level Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)
  • Figure VIII:  Industry Comparison - Entry-level Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)
  • Table VI:  Industry Comparison - Top Paid Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)
  • Figure IX: Industry Comparison - Top Paid Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)
  • Table VII:  Industry Comparison - All Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)
  • Figure X:  Industry Comparison - All Full-time Agents (Hourly Wage)

Training Opportunities

  • Figure XI:  Ongoing Training to Improve Agent Skills

Career Progression Programs

Organizational Obstacles to Career Paths

  • Figure XII: Organizational Obstacles in Developing Career or Skill Paths

Appendix A:  Written Comments to Survey Questions

Appendix B:  Agent Staffing and Retention Survey Instrument

Appendix C:  CCMReview Special Issue on Agent Development and Retention

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