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The Call Center Professional Training Video Library
with Jon Anton and Richard Feinberg, 8 DVDs, $380 (or sold separately at $55.95 each).  Facilitators' guide containing slide prints for all modules, sold separately (below) $160.

Set of all 8 videos:


The Call Center Professional Video Library offers real-life solutions for real-life call center situations. Filmed in actual class sessions, each video brings you together with customer service professionals representing major corporations and firms. With the convenience of video, attend sessions whenever you wish, alone or in groups, without disruption to call center scheduling.  And, having your own personal or company copy means you can repeat the sessions as often as you wish and have them available for every new addition to the call center team.

While intended primarily to provide aid and information to busy CSR's, these informative, thought-provoking seminars are useful to anybody who deals with customers.  Principles explained in this new series can inspire a new outlook on dealing successfully on a daily basis with anyone, anywhere.

Call Center Video Library Facilitators' Guide (highly recommended)
  • Slide prints for creating overhead foils
  • End-of-module quizzes for all eight modules
  • Quiz answers
  • Two select review checklists

Facilitators Guide


1.   Introduction to Total Quality

  • Delivering Total Quality Customer Service
  • What a Customer Needs and Expects when Calling
  • The Value of a Long-Term Customer
  • Developing a Mission Statement for Your Call Center

Introduction to
Total Quality

2.   Active Listening
  • Listening is Your Most Important Skill
  • Proven Techniques of Active Listening
  • The Critical Factors Effecting Communications by Phone

Active  Listening

3.   Anger diffusion
  • Controlling Your Own Emotions
  • Anger-Diffusion Techniques That Work
  • Why Anger is Not an Effective Customer Service Tool
  • How Anger Gets in the Way of Reaching Caller Satisfaction

Anger Diffusion

4.   Telephone Techniques
  • The Phases of an Inbound Call
  • Establishing Rapport
  • The Importance of Voice Tone
  • Making Every Call a Memorable One


5.   Customer Expectations
  • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • How Expectation Are Related to Satisfaction
  • How Satisfaction Can Be Quantified
  • The Importance of Measuring and Tracking Satisfaction

Customer  Expectations

6.   Negotiation and Mediation
  • Every Call Requires Negotiation
  • Why Negotiation Skills Are Important
  • Techniques For Successful Negotiations and Mediation

& Meditation

7.   Stress Management
  • What Stress Is and How to Manage It
  • Understanding and Controlling Stress
  • How to Minimize Stress in Your Life

Stress Management

8.   Problem-Solving
  • The Steps in Solving Customer Problems
  • Focusing on Your Most Common Customer Issues
  • Diagramming Issues to Enhance Resolution
  • Scripting and Guidelines for Consistency


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