Tim Colwell RCCSP

Instructor Biography

As Senior Vice President of the Authority on Telecom Management Practices (AOTMP), Tim Colwell leads the team responsible for standards and best practices, research, benchmarking, training, and certification of telecom expense management professionals.

Prior to joining AOTMP, Tim spent three years as Director of Support Services for a telecommunications consulting firm where he refined and implemented telecommunications best practice methodologies in over 500 client consulting engagements.

Decades of Hands-on, In-the-Trenches Telecom Expense Management Experience

With over 20 years of industry experience, Tim has successfully completed hundreds of fixed and mobile telecom consulting engagements focused on generating performance efficiencies and business value for clients. His work has resulted in the implementation of telecom cost management best practices and performance measures in Fortune 500, Forbes Private 50 ,and public sector client environments. Today, Tim is responsible for executive oversight of all of AOTMP's strategic client engagements; advising them on management of  a collective $5 million to $100 million per month in fixed and mobile telecom services.

Leading the Telecom Expense Management Discipline

A recognized thought-leader in the fixed and mobile telecom service management industry, Tim is a patent author and leads the product development effort for TEMOS, a performance management system designed to optimize enterprise telecom environments. He is also the lead innovation architect of AOTMP's Efficiency First Framework, a construct designed to increase efficiency in fixed and mobile telecom environments and transform telecom capabilities into a strategic business driver.

Tim imparts telecom cost management techniques, skills, and in-depth knowledge, in his role as instructor of national and international webinars, seminars, and training courses.

Renowned Telecommunications Industry Author

A prolific writer and contributor to the telecom expense management industry's body of knowledge, Tim authored the Industry Best Practice Library for the Association of Telecom Management Professionals. He is a frequent contributor to print and online trade publications such as NetworkWorld and TMCnet.

Tim holds a BA in Telecommunications from Indiana University.

Join a Course and Learn From the Best

Tim Colwell instructs the RCCSP Professional Education Alliances' course, Managing Call Center Telecom Costs: Recovering Overcharges and Identifying Savings, a 5-day hands-on boot camp explaining how telecom service costs may be optimally managed in telecom-intensive contact center environments.

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