Tools and Methods For Call Center Managers
2-day training course, $1,495
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This two day call center training course examines the many factors that can be controlled, and how to attack common call center ills. You'll study the concepts of proper strategic organization, management science, and call center metrics.  This course presents tools that will allow you to run your call center at its optimum level. If you wish to be one of the best call center managers in the industry, this training course is for you.

Topics of study will include:

Having It All
Every effective call center has three key components: low cost, flawless service, and short wait time.  You will learn how to integrate these three vital components into the existing plan of your call center.

The Role of the Call Center Manager
This training course explains the manager's functions and roles.  A clear job description helps separate truly effective managers from the rest of the pack.  You will learn what tools are critical for every great call center manager.

Traits That Set You Apart
Be one of the best managers in the call center industry. You will learn the traits that will set you apart from the average manager, and then show you how to make these traits your own.

Effective Call Center
You will learn what is required to continuously run an effective call center operation at peak levels and how to instill that vision in all employees

Know What to Manage
Effective call center managers know what to manage and what to leave alone.  You will learn what you and your team must manage to assure that your center is one of the best in your industry.  Then you will understand what tools are required to acquire and sustain top-notch service.

Understand Business Life Styles
Short business life cycles have created unique challenges for modern call centers.  You will study life cycles and the S-curve, and why its phases are crucial for an effective call center.

Call Center Types
Understand the five types of call centers and how the operation must be designed to support their unique demands.

The Team
Operational functions, from the customer all the way to the end product, will be analyzed.  Operational and support roles will be defined so that the center can function as a successful team.

Team Communication
Contact center managers must share a clear vision.  This requires concise terms and definitions.  We will study the most commonly misused terms and how they undermine even the best call centers.  Communication is critical to convert your center into the best in the business.

Knowing What Tools Are Essential
You will be taught what tools are critical for every call center manager. These tools allow the manager to assess the correctness, consistency, and capability of every aspect of the call center.


What Every Call Center Wants

  • Low cost, short wait times, and spectacular performance
  • Tools, methods, and techniques so that you can have it all

The Four Traits of an Effective Call Center Operation

  • How to move your call center to peak performance levels

Maintaining and Sharing Knowledge

  • Your greatest asset
  • Providing people with the information necessary to skillfully run your center

How to Differentiate Yourself as the Best Call Center Manager in the Business

  • Tools, methods, and techniques for running an effective call center.
  • Methodology for effectively running the call center.
  • Queuing concepts and what's involved in managing a queue
  • Process management principles that provide a "True North" for running your call center.
  • Product and process terminology, use, and the focus for operations
  • Service level agreements
    • How to use them
    • Who should use them
  • The difference between strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Metrics required for running a call center at optimal performance

How to Create a Competent Call Center Workforce That Will Brilliantly Execute the Plan

  • Realistic expectations
  • Staff development - managers, supervisors, and agents
    • Hiring
    • Training
    • Staff migration through your center
    • Building a staff career path
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Defining management, supervisory, and agent roles
    • What every manager must expect their supervisors to do
    • Providing the tools required for each function
  • Goal-setting methods

How to Run Your Call Center at Peak Levels All the Time

  • Getting organized for the ease of doing business
    • The importance of factoring and segmenting the call center
    • Advanced techniques for using express lane concepts
  • What metrics are and how we can use them
  • How to use metrics to run the call center
  • Using queuing science and metrics to have it all: low cost, great service, and short wait times

Strategies For Breaking Down the Four Biggest Barriers to Call Center Improvement

  • Strategy to make your call center efficient and flexible
  • Putting the pieces all together

Registration Fees
The per student registration fee for this seminar is $1,495, and includes the training, course materials, and refreshments. Why not bring your associates? Register three or more attendees from your company for the same seminar and receive an additional 10% off! Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.

To register, click on the "Book Now" button or please call (708) 246-0320

Seminar Schedule
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Payment is due prior to the seminar, including payment on purchase orders.  If payment is not received, a credit card hold will be required for participation.  This card will only be processed if payment has not been received within two weeks following the conference.

Cancellation Policy.  Registrants may cancel up to ten business days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $400.  Or, you may transfer your registration to another date or member of your company at no additional charge.  Please notify us as soon as possible. Registrants cancelling within fourteen days of the seminar will receive credit, less administrative fees of $400, toward any other Resource Center seminar.  In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled, you will be notified at least one week prior to the seminar date. Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses on advanced purchase airfares.

Agenda, course dates, and locations are subject to change.


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