Introduction to Contact Center Process Metrics
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2-day training course - $2,395
On-site delivery available

Do your contact center metrics tell you how you did, or what to do?  Come to this unique course and discover actionable uses for metrics.

Course Highlights:

  • Analyze and control variations in call center performance
  • Immediately cut  your average wait time in half using basic scientific principles
  • Use metrics to manage time and costs
  • Construct a cause and effect analysis that leads to operational solutions and improvements
  • Create a "metric blueprint" that directs your attention to factors and actions that will have the greatest impact on your center's performance


Contact center professionals learn early in their careers the importance of abandonment rates, cost per call, resolution rates, and other measures of results.  These are performance indicators that report how the contact center performed.  While of great interest to company executives, these types of measures report how the call center did in the past, rather than provide information and guidance on what to do to make the contact center perform better.

Knowing one's "Average Speed in Miles Per Hour" doesn't help you drive a car -- the speedometer does.  Driving while looking in the rear view mirror, to see where you have been, can have disastrous results.  The same is true in a call center. 

Metrics that help contact center managers drive centers to higher levels of performance are those falling into a class known as "process metrics".  Process metrics identify shortcomings upon which managers can act.  They tell managers what to do.  

This training course will introduce attendees to the differences between process metrics that measure causes, and product metrics that measure outcomes, and how to use metrics and reports as useful management tools rather than historical report cards.

The course is taught by James Abbott, the industrial and service engineer who literally wrote the book on the subject: The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics, the most widely read book on this topic.  Call Center Metrics: Tactical Uses That Drive Performance is like no other course you have ever attended.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn:

  • Where and how to get started
  • How to prepare your call center’s metric blueprint
  • Key metrics every call center manager must track to assure an effective organization.
  • Statistical techniques that make your call center reports more valuable
  • Division of labor and its impact on information and decision-making
  • The different information requirements of strategic and tactical decision-makers
  • Statistical techniques that dramatically improve strategic and tactical effectiveness

Take Home Tools

  • The proprietary book Preparing Call Center Metrics, a $200 retail value.  Preparing Call Center Metrics is the companion to the best selling metrics book, The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics.
  • The ability to convert data into information for guaranteed improvements in your center
  • Notes for the key concepts and principles

Who Should Participate

This course is for professionals responsible for support center performance management, reporting, call center operations, or implementation of performance improvement strategies. Participants that will benefit most from the course include CIOs, COOs, VPs of operations, directors, designers, managers and analysts.


This course is designed for call center and help desk professionals.  There are no prerequisites for this course.


Day 1 - The Principles of Call Center Metrics

The impact of methods and decision-making

  • How and why to build a metric blueprint for your facility
  • Understand, identify, and track metrics that are key to your center’s effectiveness
  • How to validate business and statistical assumptions for better metric preparation
  • The three steps for preparing metrics
  • Techniques for call center metric reporting
  • Using statistics to prepare your metrics
  • The role of SLAs in metric preparation

Day 2 - Tactical Metrics and Reporting

Operational tools for running the center

  • Analyzing and controlling call center variability
  • Using metrics to manage call center time and cost
  • How to build a real-time reporting system
  • Building a call center GUPPI™ for cause and effect analysis
  • Call center charts for tactical decision-making

Registration Fees

The per student registration fee for this seminar is $2,395, and includes:

  • The seminar
  • Course materials
  • Refreshments each day
  • The proprietary book Preparing Call Center Metrics, available only by attending this course.
  • Abbott Reference Notes for the key concepts and principles

Dress is business casual.  Laptops are optional.  Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.

Register securely online with confidence or please call (708) 246-0320.

Seminar Schedule
May 20-21, 2019 Greenville, SC Westin Pointsette
Oct 7-8, 2019 Greenville, SC Westin Pointsette

Maximize Your Training Investment - Attend Courses Back-to-Back

Call Center Metrics: Tactical Uses the Drive Performance is immediately followed by these courses in select locations:

In-House Training Option

In-house, on-site training offers the added benefits of facilitated team interaction; a confidential environment where plans, processes, and policies can be openly discussed; minimized travel costs; and little or no travel time.  For support centers with a number of managers, supervisors, and team leads, on-site training can maximize your training investment.

Pricing for an on-site course delivered at your location is determined based on a "Base Fee" for up to four attendees, and a per person fee for each attendee thereafter.  On-site fees are all inclusive:

  • Base Fee for up to 4 participants - $7,295 includes:
    • 2-day instructor-led training course
    • All training materials
    • Instructor's travel and lodging expenses (for onsite presentations of 18 or less participants, in the continental US)
  • Additional participants - $995 each

Additional travel surcharges will be charged for travel outside of the continental USA and for seminars scheduled within three weeks, or paid for within three weeks, of the onsite delivery date.

The customer site must provide suitable meeting space, any desired meals or refreshments, and the following presentation supplies:

  • A flip chart easel with paper and markers
  • LCD projection unit and projection screen

Request In-House Training

Call Center Metrics: Tactical Uses the Drive Performance, On-site Training, up to 4 participants, $7295
Additional Attendees, $995 per person

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Learn From the Industry's Leading Authorities

James Abbott

Recognized as the industry's foremost authority on contact center service engineering, James Abbott is a highly sought-after professional consultant and industrial engineer

What some past attendees say...

"I'm so glad it was concept driven and did not waste the first 6 hours talking about ASA & talk time, etc. I came away with new ways to view, think, and implement metrics in my center, not just new definitions to old metrics."

"The biggest revelation for me was the distinction between process and product metrics. I will have the opportunity to develop and implement these methods of process improvement when I get home."

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